DIDAX Wooden Pattern Blocks (1 cm)

DIDAX Wooden Pattern Blocks (1 cm)
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DIDAX Wooden Pattern Blocks (1 cm)

1 cm = .39 inches Thickness
Grades: K-4 (per manufacturer. However, we personally use them in teaching High School Art and all age Art Classes!)

Children create patterns and designs by matching sides of the six geometric shapes of these colorful Didax wooden blocks and explore concepts of one-to-one correspondence, sorting and matching, fractions, symmetry, problem solving and measurement. Each set of 1 cm thick blocks contains 25 yellow hexagons, 25 orange squares, 50 green triangles, 50 red trapezoids, 50 blue parallelograms and 50 tan rhombuses.

Kids all-time favorite! Children will play and design with them on and on!
One mother called us so excited to have found them by us. She said that she was looking all for these because she had a hard time tearing her child away from them when picking her up from play-group!
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Portland, Maine
November 11, 2014

My kids made intricate designs with pattern blocks for years. Even though they are now in high school and college, I couldn't bear to part with them, so I bought yours for my nieces. Great quality, sturdy blocks!
Tuscaloosa, AL
December 12, 2011

I had some similar blocks as a child and loved them. These are thicker and have more geometric shapes than mine did, but they are what I was looking for because of my grandchildren. I spent hours making designs and hope they will find them as fascinating as I did. They arrived promptly and were excellent quality. I love the storage bucket which I did not have. I may be ordering more products from you.
Chatham N.J.
March 18, 2011

Grandchildren enjoyed playing with designs. Very educational. Always somethingto make. Grandaughter said they had them in school
Normal, IL
November 22, 2010

My 5 year old son was given a smaller box as a gift and loved making "designs" - this bucket has even more shapes, they are very sturdy and he will play with this for hours. A great gift and a good value.
March 23, 2010

AWESOME. The whole family loves these. Great buy. We'll be getting them for everyone's b-day this year.
Akron, OH
December 26, 2009

We played with these at a friends' house, and my kids really wanted them so I got a set... Great pattern and geometric play. We're going to get a second box of blocks, we love them!!
February 23, 2009

My kids were so excited to get these blocks! I came downstairs to see that they had already opened the box and were playing w/ them. They spent hours playing and they came up with some of the greatest diagrams I have seen yet! Totally worth every penny! The quality is better than I expected. The bucket even has a sturdy handle for younger ones to take around. I plan on using these regularly and incorporating them into our daily math routine! Thank you so much! I will look to Madison Art for future art supply needs!

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