Iwata W-101 Slide Feed Gun

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Iwata W-101 Slide Feed Gun is ideal for gesso coatings, murals, large studio work, and automotive clear coating
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Product Description:
If you have used the W100-G, then you should try the new W101-G gravity-fed air-spray gun, as it is even better. It is an improved version of the latter, featuring high transfer efficiency and a side-mounted cup. The spray gun utilizes LV technology, which combines with a tulip-inspired spray pattern, to give it superior atomization. This ensures minimal overspray, which guarantees higher transfer efficiencies.

The W101-G is ideal for large studio work, touch-up, automotive clear coating, murals, and gesso coatings. The air cap comes in a new design that increases the stability of pattern shapes and improves atomization. This new design also reduces mottling and blotching.

The W101-G comes with a lighter weight that features an ergonomic body design that ensures that painter can work for longer hours without being fatigued. Moreover, the gravity cup is side-mounted, enabling the operator more freedom to rotate and cover more area at various angles.

  • 1/4" Side Gravity Cup
  • 1.0mm Screw-In Nozzle and needle
  • Up to 8" (20 cm) LPH-100 spray pattern
  • Air pressure adjustment
  • Pre-set needle adjustment
  • Fixed double-action trigger
  • Solvent resistant O-Rings
  • Up to 4" (10 cm) W-101 spray pattern
  • Fan Pattern Adjustment
  • Replaceable Teflon needle
  • Stainless steel paint channel
W101-G gives you the ability to spray viscous materials with a smooth, fine touch. Because it features a rotating gravity feed cup, it gives the painter more flexibility to spray from any angle: vertically, horizontally, or underneath.
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