Virus Zero Air Sterilizers

Virus Zero Air Sterilizers use the latest technology to continuously protect your air system, reducing germs, viruses and odors without any filters. Most air purifying systems force air through a unit several times in order to remove contaminants into a filter. Virus Zero cleans the air in your space by releasing agents that cleanse the air of any damaging viruses and bacteria. You won’t need to purchase an expensive filter or replacements with your Virus Zero Air Sterilizer, and you won’t have to put up with noisy irritating fans or dangerous chemicals either.

With your Virus Zero Air Sterilizer you can clean the air around wherever you may be. Whether you’re at work, in your vehicle or at home, your unit can travel with you. Lightweight and portable, your sterilizer will clean up to 230 square feet of air space, reducing dust, pet dander and other irritating allergens.

For worry-free clean air, get your Virus Zero Air Sterilizer today.

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