UNISON Handmade Soft Pastels

UNISON Handmade Soft Pastels Unison Soft Pastels are incredibly luxe, intense pastels with beautiful consistency and color. Unison's unique story began with artist John Hersey. Hersey grew discontent with the mass-produced pastels that simply didn't have the high quality he was looking for. Instead, he played with his own pigments and materials, eventually selling them and receiving widespread interest at a London art show. Today, Unison Soft Pastels are incomparable in texture, responsiveness, and lasting color. 

Unison Pastels come in a broad range of 402 colors. The colors are organized into landscape tones versus portrait tones, the former consisting of dark, earthy colors, while that latter consists of light, flesh colors. Each stick is at least 2 inches long, ideal for grasping and lasting use. Each and every pastel stick is handmade, from pigmentation to rolling to drying. Unison Soft Pastels are true examples of patience and perfection. 

Unison Pastels Named 'Best Buy' by Artists and Illustrators Magazine!
UNISON SOFT PASTELS the Rolls Royce of Pastels!

All pastels are handmade and exhibit deep, rich hues, perfect for the expressive artist searching for a quality art medium.  

Please allow 14-days for delivery of all Unison pastel Sets.

Unison Soft Pastels hold a legacy of patience, perfection, and genuine quality.

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