Iwata SMART JET PRO Compressor (w/Smart Technology)

Iwata SMART JET PRO Compressor (w/Smart Technology) - Click to enlarge
This is the ideal air compressor for anyone who does general airbrushing applications.
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Product Description:
Iwata SMART JET PRO Compressor (w/Smart Technology) Iwata is known for putting the very best tools right at the fingertips of those who need them. They are continuously pushing the envelope in terms of innovation so that nothing is standing in the way of an artist’s creativity. The products that they make are what stokes the passion for airbrushing for thousands of artists time and again.

This particular compressor is meant for those who are just getting started with airbrushing or are just casual airbrush users. Iwata has utilized the very latest in cutting edge technology on order to fulfill every need of the airbrush artist. This compressor is compact, powerful and incredibly quiet. It is extremely reliable and the piston motor does not use oil which means that the maintenance is almost non-existent. This is also an affordable compressor which means that any airbrush artist can now use a wide variety of mediums with a single machine and no compromises.

This is a compressor that is a member of the Iwata Studio Series of air compressors and as such, it has been made with the best quality assurances from Iwata and has been designed specifically for creative people. These compressors are great for beginners and they make it super easy to get started because they come complete with the air hoses, fittings, adapters and filters that will be compatible with any airbrush.

Features at a Glance
  • Intelligent power that comes from the Smart Technology that is proprietary to Iwata. This compressor is the ideal choice for both the professional artist and the occasional one who will use an airbrush for general applications. It is a compact, reliable, powerful and quiet unit.
  • When it is not being used, it will turn itself off
  • The unit comes with an airbrush holder built in
  • Outer casing is protective
  • There is an included moisture filter that is complete with the gauge and air regulator which also works to prevent pulsation
  • When there is a need to release moisture, there is a bleed valve that can be adjusted
  • Noise Level: 50 db
  • Horse Power 1/8 hp
  • PSI 1-35 PSI max. pressure
  • CFM 0.64 CFM (18L per min.)
  • Voltage 100V or 220V [Please specify in comment-box at check-out]
  • Shipping Weight 12.4 lbs (5.6 kgs)
  • Product NameSmart Jet Pro
  • Item No. IS-875
  • The polyurethane hose that is high strength fits all of the Iwata airbrushes
The Smart Jet technology allows for the unit to provide air at full capacity on demand with less wear on the motor.
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