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The Sienna Tripod is the perfect way to hold your pochade box for stability and control while you conduct your artwork.
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Product Description:

The Sienna Tripod was designed and developed by and for the artist. It has a combination of features to suit individual needs. It also has a general ruggedness of construction to meet any adverse condition the artist may sometimes face. Strength and reliability define the Sienna Tripod and its capability of meeting the needs of your art project.

The first design aspect of the tripod was to use aluminum alloy legs with magnesium components. This assures the design to be lightweight and useable while maintaining the strength to and integrity of providing consistent results time and again regardless of how many setups and take-downs you put the piece through.

The tripod is designed to hold 13.2 pounds. You'll likely never put that much weight on it, but the design is over engineered to accommodate travel and weather conditions you may subject the tripod to. Whether you carry the tripod across a parking lot and into a sporting event or down a trail and across a river, the Sienna Tripod will provide a stand for you to conduct your artwork.

Regardless of the situation, what truly sets this tripod apart from others is its ease of use. It is precision machined to work at whatever angle you prefer and find comfortable. Very simple yet precise one touch adjustments allow you to determine the exact position at which you want to set your equipment.

The leg design sets this tripod apart from all others. The three piece leg system per leg offers an infinite amount of adjustment for whatever your situation may call for. The adjustments allow you to level your palette even should you need to set up on a staircase or a hillside. Each leg is adjustable to both length and angle to assure a secure position on any terrain.

Further proof this tripod was designed by and for artists is the center hook. The hook provides a place to hang your bag, a way to store your stuff, and a storage spot to keep your things off the ground. Hobby artists will appreciate this feature as they realize just how often they use it; professional artists recognize how a functional tripod has to have a storage solution so they can keep their bag handy and available while conducting their job.

There is more to a professional quality tripod than simply being able to set it up and adjust it. The Sienna Tripod has easy one-touch adjustments that allow for quick tweaks as needed. A center extension column is specifically designed for intricate positioning. A spirit level shows you precisely how to adjust to accommodate terrain that may give you an illusion of level, and the compass guarantees you'll maintain your bearing under any conditions. These features are designed into the tripod so you can focus on your art instead of spending the day trying to figure out where you are.

The final stand-all for this tripod is the carrying case. The case protects the tripod during travel while providing a convenient shoulder strap for comfort. The same case safely protects the tripod during storage and between art projects.If the tripod is not properly stored it's rugged enough to last a lifetime. If properly cared for and used it can be passed along through generations as each family member becomes aware of their artistic talent and pursues artwork as either a career or hobby, and determines their style and method for producing their art.

Don't trust your art project to substandard gear. The Sienna Tripod is professional quality equipment priced reasonably for the discerning customer who buys their own equipment that must needs meet a professional level of performance for a reasonable price.

1 Sienna Quick Release Plate is included free with this Sienna Tripod. The Sienna Pochade box is designed to work with this Sienna Tripod, attaching easily with the included ballhhead which has 1/4" bolt that engages simply to the bottom plate of The Pochade Box.

Folds down to 19 inches.
Weight: 3.4 pounds.

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Customer Reviews

Product Reviews

5 out of 5, Based on 13 Reviews.
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Love this tripod
January 07, 2018

I love this tripod. It's really sturdy. My palette holder does not move around or wobble - which is what I disliked about tripod easels.
It also does not take up much room. Is easy to set up and adjust.
Great quality
portable use
austin tx
September 05, 2017

perfect for a painting trip: light and small enough - strong build, I'm using it with a bigger and heavier pochade box and it is very stable
Sienna tripod just the right dimensions
Putnam Valley, New York
January 21, 2016

I bought it for a painting trip and I was able to fit it in within the dimensions of my checked luggage with no problem. Compared to other small tripods I tried with the Sienna pochade, it was much steadier, and was able to accommodate the supply box where certain other tripods have a riser setup for the center column that prohibits it. For the steadiness and short folded length alone it is worth it. I also got the Sienna backpack, and although it would have to be strapped to the outside of it, it can be done. This tripod is a good value and I'm happy with it.
July 27, 2014

Excellent quality tripod. Lives up to the product description. Sturdy and well built with a comparable carrying case as well. Above and beyond any other tripods I have tried. Also bought the Pochade box and it all works very well together with the tripod.
Montross, VA
July 15, 2014

Am pleased with the overall quality of this tripod; it looks as though it will last a long time to come. I especially like the quick release feature for my Sienna pochade and the nice carrying case.
Parachute, co
February 18, 2014

Very well designed with good variety of height options. Nice carrying case. Easy to attach to sienna pochade box.
cape coral fl
January 18, 2014

I like the tripod. I have a little trouble connecting the pochade but it will just take practice.
I also like the pochade but am disappointed that it does not have a handle.
corona del mar ca
September 28, 2013

fast delivery. good leg lock system. good head lock device. very happy for the product.
Oakdale, NY
September 09, 2013

I am very pleased with this tripod. It is extremely sturdy and functional, and painlessly portable thanks to that rugged carry bag. No complaints. Tripod and Sienna pochade box were my first purchases from Madison Art. MADISON ART IS AWESOME: definitely my new Art Supply source. Thank you!
Edmonds, WA
March 15, 2013

OMG...a beautiful piece of equipment. Sturdy and lovely.
roundup montana
March 04, 2013

The first time I put my Sienna Pochade box on the Chineese tripod the escutchen pulled out of the Pochade and i had to use epoxy to put back in .It is a cheap set up and all in all not worth the money.
SaNya Fe, New Mexico
November 29, 2011

It is not the lightest tripod, but it is stable. I particularly like how the quick release plate locks tightly into place with no wobble. The hook at the base of the center post is great for hanging your backpack when painting. This is the fifth tripod that I have tried with my poshade box, and it is by far the best of the five.
Vicksburg, Mississippi
May 17, 2011

Ordering and receiving this item was quite easy. I am anxious to start using it. It appears to be stable and very nice in appearance. I do like the travel bag that it is carried in plus the compass.Thanks for selling such excellent products. I also bought a Pochade Box and Sienna Supply Box. I am very pleased with these products also.

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