Iwata RG-3 Mini Spray Gun

Iwata RG-3 Mini Spray Gun
The ideal choice for those looking for a multi-purpose spray gun for intricate and large-scale projects alike!
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Product Description:
Artists such as general purpose painters, large scale sign and mural makers, custom auto painters, auto body refinishers, auto graphics artists and artists in general all have one thing in common – they all use spray guns made by Iwata for everything from large scale production spraying to intricate touch up of fine detail spraying.

It doesn’t matter if it is a body shop painter, production artist or fine artist doing the shopping, Iwata has a spray gun to fit every artist’s needs. They make spray guns that are perfect for custom automotive painting, backgrounds, murals, varnishing paintings, spraying gesso and even for rendering broad surfaces or signs that need covering up. The guns that are made by Iwata are capable of spraying paints with high levels of viscosity – and this includes metallics – easily.
  • The RG-3 Mini is a spray gun that is gravity or side fed. This is the updated version of the RG-2
  • The main difference between this one and the RG-2 is the cartridge style integrated air valve set
  • This air valve set has the capability of being removed as with a cartridge and then serviced before being replaced into the body of the gun which makes it easier to maintain and more reliable
  • This gun gives you a control over the spray pattern that is precise along with an atomization that is remarkable
  • The 110 ml (4 oz.) stainless steel cup is the gravity feed type and is mounted on the side. It can be rotated to allow for horizontal and vertical spraying as well as for spraying under surfaces
  • Unlike guns that are siphon fed, this gravity fed cup works spit free with smaller amounts of paint
  • This is the ideal choice for custom or touch up painting in automotive applications as well as for spraying background illustrations, murals, and large studio work
Press Release

March 26, 2001


Portland, OR – Iwata-Medea, Inc., the largest manufacturer of airbrush products in the world is pleased to announce the release of the RG-3 spray gun. This is the improved version of the RG-2 with the major difference being the air valve being integrated into the gun itself and it being cartridge style. This allows for the air valve to be removed before servicing and then to be replaced, which makes it maintenance free and more reliable.

This is a miniature spray gun that is perfect for automotive paint application both large and minute, spraying illustration backgrounds and even murals or other large studio work. This gun is now available at your local Iwata-Medea authorized retailer.

For more than 25 years, Iwata-Medea has been making the best airbrush products in the world for top professional artists. Their devotion to craftsmanship and quality can be seen in the work of various artists across the globe. By staying a step ahead in terms of innovation and technology, Iwata-Medea has earned a reputation as a leader in the airbrush products industry.
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