Sienna Plein Air Pochade Box

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Sleek and decorative, compact and lightweight for easy travel, this lovely pochade box is sure to inspire the artist in you!

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Product Description:

Sienna Plein Air Pochade Box The term pochade originates from the French word pocher which gives the idea of sketching quickly or roughly.  Traditionally, a pochade box functioned as something of a travelling art studio, compact and lightweight, enabling the unencumbered artist to seek out the perfect environment in which to unleash his creative inspiration.  

The Senna Plein Air Pochade Box brings together all the beauty of traditional artistry tools to ultimate in functional practicality.  Superior design and sturdy construction make this pochade box quite possibly the best portable easel ever!

This lovely box is constructed of genuine maple wood, which is strong and durable.  It is then finished with a rich cherry hue and polished to a fine sheen.  Both the medium and large pochade models are designed for maximum efficiency and capacity, containing attachable and conveniently stored brush trays to keep supplies ready at hand.  Both sizes also offer simple, swift assembly, being tightened with ergonomic star knobs rather than the commonly-used wing-nuts.  They boast maximum sturdiness for peace of mind, since each comes with a tripod mounting plate comprised of aluminum and screw support.

The features vary somewhat according to model size.  The medium pochade (PB-0910), which dimensions are 12.75 inches (w) x 10.5 inches (d) x 2.75 inches (h) when closed and 20 inches (w) x 14 inches (d) x 12 inches (h) when open, has a maximum canvas height of 15 inches.  Its weight is a negligible 3.4 pounds!  This model comes with a tempered glass palette.  The large pochade (PB-1012) measures 14.75 inches (w) x 11.25 inches (h) x 2.75 (d) when open, its maximum canvas height being 17 inches.  It weighs 4.7 pounds, and comes with a tempered glass palette.

Other accessories which may be purchased include:

  • An optional supply box, which offers extra paint and brush storage.  Its dimensions are 14.5 inches (w) x 9 inches (d) x 2 inches (h) closed and 14.5 inches (w) x 15 inches (d) x 2 inches (h) open.  It provides a roomy 1.5 x 13.5 inch brush compartment, 3.75 x 13.5 inch paint compartment, as well as 5 x 13 inches of work surface, weighing a slight 2.2 pounds!
  • Plein Air Backpack (BCK-1613), which can easily carry a complete pochade box set, including the tripod.  It also contains a space to accommodate a water bottle.  Extra padding on the back and a waist strap allow for extra comfort and security.  The size is 18 inches (h) x 13 inches (w) x 9 inches (d), and weighs 2.2 pounds.
  • Pastel Palette (PP-0810, PP-0912), proffering two sizes to correspond with the two Pochade box models.  The medium (PP-0810) offers an 8 x 10 inch storage compartment and two 4.25 x 6.75 inch compartments, the large (PP-0912) sporting a 9 x 12 inch storage compartment and two 5.5 x 7.75 inch compartments.  Large size comes with a pastel palette wood block.
  • Medium and large size water color palettes (WP-0810 and WP-0912), featuring two mixing areas, 3 x 6.75 inch (medium) and 3.875 x 7.75 inch (large), having five to six generous paint wells on each side of the palette.  Larger size includes a watercolor palette wood block. Comes with a lid to keep the paints fresh and protected from drying out. The brush tray is attached by an included "U" shape metal clip.
  • Both sizes, PB-0910 and PB-1012, come with glass palette as standard inside the box.

With such wonderful features and accessories available to fuel your creativity, don't wait.  Get the right gear for your Plein Air outing today!

Large Pochade Box Weight: 4.7 lbs.
Medium Pochade Box Weight: 3.4 lbs.
Tripod Weight: 3.5 lbs.

Folded Tripod Length: 19 inches

For the Sienna Pochade Box large size, the maximum canvas/panel height is 17", the width can be to 24".
The 3 knobs tighten to put the easel in both less or greater than 90 degree.

The left side horizontal slide must be pushed backward so that it generates the torque to support the lid.

The Sienna Pochade box has a metal plate with a 1/4" thread hole under the box.
It will work with any standard tripod. However, it should be used with a good quality tripod with a load rating of 13 lbs.

The Sienna Pochade boxes are not designed to store/hold wet panels.
(Our other model - Sienna All -in One C-PB-1014 - can hold/store 9x12 or 8x10 panels.)

The plate under the bottom of box has 1/4" thread hole.

(Oversize Shipping: $31.20)

Customer Reviews

Product Reviews

4.8 out of 5, Based on 63 Reviews.
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10/12 Sienna Pochade Box
March 19, 2018

I was so pleased when I opened the box. Such a beautiful box and it fits in my bag so nicely. I haven't had the chance to use it yet, but I already have everything put together and ready. So pleased with the service, thank you.
sienna pochade box
demopolis alabama
March 05, 2018

I was very excited to open it up and check it out. It is exactly what I was hoping for. The product is well built, and looks like it will last a long time. I love the glass palette. It is just the right size.
RP in Texas
Huntsville, Texas
February 20, 2018

Packaging was well done with all contents in perfect condition. Boxes are very nice and classy looking...almost too good (as in 'i hate getting this beautiful box all messy with paint :) but I look forward to it! Have not set up yet but wondering where the tripod is supposed to fit in backpack?
The Sienna Pochade Box
November 10, 2017

Excellent product. Size and weight are perfect. I have other Pochade setups but this is definitely my go to for most plein air adventures.
tip for box to tripod asssembly
Boca Raton Florida
July 31, 2017

I absolutely love this set up.However, I had problems figuring out how to snap the box into the tripod. After getting frustrated I discovered that the instructions did not make it clear that before installing the box the ball head needs to be tilted. Then the natural instinct is to try and put the box in facing the artist. But the box facing sideways and it easily snaps in. Hope this helps those of you who may have the same problem. This easel is absolutely great!!!
In love with this pochade box
Burbank, CA
July 10, 2017

This is a beautiful, sturdy box that I'm even using at home for small paintings. There's something about the wood that makes me feel like I'm channeling the old masters when I paint! I just want to use it all the time. Received it fast, in perfect condition. I bought the pastel and watercolor trays too. I love the glass palette and bought an extra "just in case." Highly recommend!
Sienna Pochade Box-medium
July 05, 2017

Absolutely fantastic. Sets up really fast and is light and sturdy at the same time. And the beauty of the wood is a bonus. Best pochade box that I have used to date,especially for the price! I also ordered the pastel insert which I am very pleased with, because it too is very lightweight and holds my pastels very well because it is lined with foam.
Sienna Pochade Box
July 03, 2017

Love this box and the attachments. Really a nice set up for the money. Just figure out how it works before you go on site.
Large Pochade Box
April 03, 2017

...All received as ordered in a very timely manner. Cannot wait to use it. Everything fit well in my little roller cart, box, tripod, canvases, towels, paints, (maybe the kitchen sink ?) , everything I will need. Kudos for Madison Art Supply!
I wish I had bought more
April 01, 2017

I love it even though I haven't used it. I wish I had got the All in one.
Pochade Box and tripod
Metro DC
March 07, 2017

It's heavier than I hoped but well engineered. I'm looking forward to using them.
N Ireland.
March 07, 2017

Hi Everyone, Just to let you know I received the Scienna Pochade Box large today. I am delighted with the craftsmanship and the service you gave me. It arrived in good condition with everything as it should be. Many thanks for everything,
Sienna Pochade Box
September 08, 2016

I am very impressed with the Pochade box. It is very well made and very easy to use. Lightweight and sturdy. The wood is so nice I almost had to paint on it. Product was more than described and Madison Art Shop was very fast as far as delivery. Will do business with them again.
Large Box
High Point, NC
May 26, 2016

It's my first experience with a pochade box. Beautiful box. I like the glass palette although the mixing area is too small. I was expecting a larger palette. I'm very disappointed about this. Also dislike the 4 pieces of wood with screws that hold down the glass. It makes the mixing area even smaller. These blocks are on the way and they make it kind of difficult to wipe out clean the glass unless I remove these blocks to pull out the glass. The weight is perfect, very light. The tripod is very sturdy.
Next time I'd get a Soltek.
Pleasantly surprised!
Sanford, NC
May 26, 2016

A fellow pastel artist had a rather old Sienna box and even doubted if they were still made. I serched and you had them. The picture looked great so I decided to buy it. I am delighted. It is perfect. I have a kodak tripod and I believe it will work. Just couldn't afford the Sienna tripod at this time. Happy little artist!
January 22, 2016

Excellent quality box. Wish you made a larger one...18 x 24 would be fantastic. I do think it is misleading to advertise just the box price when buying everything in photo is 450 dollars....
East Aurora, NY
September 20, 2014

The Pochade box is a dream. I am extremely impressed with the quality, functionality, and simplicity. Making the setup for Plein Aire painting much easier takes the labor out of a wonderful experience and allows you to concentrate in what you went out to do - paint.
My only disappointment was to find that three days after it arrived it was on sale 35$ less. Timing is everything, eh.
large pochade box
Modesto, CA
September 19, 2014

I received my pochade box promptly (within 4 days). I wanted to have a chance to use it before writing a review and as it turns out a glowing one. I set it up without a problem, and was pleased with the lightness of it. It was just what I was looking for, mostly because I needed to pack all my painting stuff in my cart and it fits great. Looking forward to put many miles of painting with it!
Neenah, WI
August 14, 2014

Not the quality I had expected and it would be nice if Sienna also made an extension/longer top panel support so that one could use a larger panel.
Overall, I like it and it is a nice addition to my equipment.
Jefferson Maine
July 17, 2014

I used my pochade box yesterday for the first time. It is perfect for my plein aire outings! I am happy that I can use my old camera tripod and like the brush holder that gives me extra space on the side. Very light much nicer than my French Easel. Delivery was prompt, price was excellent. I got an extra glass palette and the watercolor palette. I know I will use both. Thank you!
Oklahoma City, OK
May 25, 2014

I have taken my new pochade box M out for its first test drive and it works great! I have had several plein air easels and am trying to find smaller, lighter, easier to set up each time, from the full-size Jullian down to this one. It is great because the medium size holds such a large canvas
April 18, 2014

I purchased the medium box with the pastel insert and I am all set up and ready to go. The pochade box is well made with dovetailed corners. Was easy to place the insert for pastels in by removing and replacing the blocks which are proved along with a mini screwdriver.
It s lightweight and will be perfect for me. It was well packaged and arrived quickly.
I plan to get the supply box next .I already had a tripod. I love it !
Long Island n.y.
February 18, 2014

Overall very pleased .sturdy when open and positioned with knobs . My tripod attached easily. Gave it four stars because front latch alignment off slightly but was easily fixed . Put order in on Friday in afternoon and was sent out Monday and recieved it two days later. Well made and well protected for mailing. Will be using it on next workshop in March .
Parachute, Co
February 16, 2014

I purchased the large pochade box as I already owned the smaller one but wanted a slightly larger palette mixing area. This box suits me perfectly for plein air painting. It is compact and beautifully designed - easy to set up. I also purchased the tripod, and it too is well designed and sturdy. So much easier to carry and set up than my Julian. I am totally satisfied with both purchases and the service and prices of Madison Art Shop.
Foxboroug, MA
December 17, 2013

Everything arrived in good condition and I am looking forward to using it. The price was the best I could find on the Sienna plein air easel. I have a standard French Easel but it is much larger and heavier. I felt the Sienna would better because it is so much lighter and usually work very small outdoors. It can be set up so quickly and is so light.
Bayshore, NJ
November 27, 2013

Ordered the large box and supply box. Order arrived well packed and very fast. The problem was not getting all the part with the supply box making it useless. After calling Madison and emailing picture showing what was received and missing they send a new box which came fast and well packed. Excellent service. Like the box and supply box and am looking forward to getting out and painting Plein Aire.
Waitsburg, Wa
September 13, 2013

I ordered the pochade box and accessory box for my wife who is a watercolor artist. We were both pleased with the quality and prompt shipment and delivery, it fits on my camera tripod, and is well designed. She cant wait to go outside in the countryside and paint.
July 25, 2013

Richmond va.
June 22, 2013

Lovely little pochade box. Just the right size and weight. Looking forward to the "road test"! Madison Art very reliable and the price was lowest online. Would definitely check them out first for any art supplies I order in the future.
Willow Street, PA
May 22, 2013

The price through Madison was incredibly low. The easel arrived in good condition and has every appearance of being a beautifully engineered and constructed easel. I have yet to try it out, but anticipate that it will perform as advertised. My modest tripod seemed to be more suited to the smaller size, but it is so light, I think the larger model would work well on my equipment. I suspect I will look to Madison first for future supplies.
Leesburg, Virginia
April 22, 2013

After much consideration I chose a pochade box over a french easel. Most of the affordable french easels are mad of ash and do not hold up as long. I then researched many different pochade boxes from various sources and finally decided on the Sienna PB-1012 from Madison Art Shop. It is the best price around for one of the bese designed and manuafactured pocahde boxes. I already have a very good tripod so I only ordered the pochade box and the extra glass pallet. It is a nicely made and a very good looking piece of equipment. I am looking forward to my first outing of painting with this box. I rate the box and the service five stars.
Arlington, VA
April 14, 2013

The pochade box arrived on time and in perfect condition. I had ordered the glass insert, so I had to remove the wood palette before inserting the glass palette in order for the blocks to fit. I have not had the chance to attach the pochade box to my older tripod, so cannot comment on on that yet. It is very light in weight and compact which is great for portability, so as far as I can tell, it is everything I was hoping for.
Ponte Vedra, FL
March 14, 2013

I am just delighted with my Large Pochade Box. It arrived quickly and it is just perfect. It is well made, and almost too nice to actually use! It fits snugly on my tripod and is very stable. The glass palette provides plenty of mixing area and the brush holder on the side is ingenious. I will be ordering the supply box now to have a complete plein air system.
February 27, 2013

It is a $79 dollar box made from soft wood with soft chineese screws,no more ,no less.The supply box is the same and not $49 dollars worth.You get what you pay for when you buy something made in China.The best wooden pochade boxes are made in the U.S.of quality materials.Alla Prima for instance.
Tucson Arizona
February 26, 2013

A very nice box for watercolor, I would like to see a little better watercolor pallet though, this one seems a little flimsy.
Not sure how it would work for oil, looks like the panel holder would fold down into the paint left on the pallet. would be great if they would make the pallet area a little deeper to fix this issue. Hard to complain though, given the price. Very nice, would strongly recommend it to someone needing a pochade and not ready to shell out the big bucks for open box m or the like.. Very happy with this box..
Campton, New Hampshire
February 19, 2013

Just packed up the entire set up for my first outing and I am very pleased with the quality and design of the entire plein air set. The supply box fits everything I need and makes room for the extras. It is compact, durable, and designed well. I highly recommend it to all
Cambridge, Idaho
October 30, 2012

I am very pleased with my purchase. Madison Art had the best price I could find. Service was great and shipping much quicker than I expected. The box is working great and the construction seems quite solid.
Bloomington IL
September 12, 2012

A good purchase and excellent value for the money. Wish it had a shoulder strap,.....but I suppose I need to purchase the backpack. Otherwise, very lightweight, has a good amount of working space and will handle a larger canvas than most.
Raleigh, NC
July 14, 2012

I just received the pochade box (large one)in the mail (quick shipping).I'm very happy with it. I read somewhere that it was made in China, so I was a little worried. This pochade is very well made, it has little magnets to hold the brush holder in place. Having been a wood worker, I can tell you this is well built, it has dove tailing on the corners. This is really a great value, I may buy some of the optional parts too. I got the glass insert for the palette. I'm very happy. I guess my hunting around the internet paid off on this purchase. This was my first purchase with Madison Art Shop, won't be the last.
Sandwich, IL
July 12, 2012

This will be my forever preference. Ten second set-up or knock-down and fits in an average tote. Useable on your lap, tripod, or table. So well thought out I might get the supply box too.
mt. shasta, CA
May 23, 2012

Excellent box, easy to set up, great size and weight, medium holds larger palettes that many other boxes, and the price at Madison is the best by far. I have ordered over 10 boxes for new outdoor painters in Ca and we all love our Sienna boxes.
Marietta Oklahoma
May 23, 2012

Awesome!!! Glad I bought pochard box, tripod, extra box and back pack all together.because it all integrates together very well! Looks beautiful too!!!
from IL
May 22, 2012

I just received the supply and large Sienna Plein Air Pochade box. Have not had a chance to use it, but I am happy with the quality, the amount of work space and the extra work space the supply box gives. Yes the paper towel holder is nice too. Can't wait to get started.
March 27, 2012

Very well made and easy to set up and use. Had two 9" x 10" plexi pallets made for it immediately and I like these better then the wood one that came with it. These, like glass, are much easier to clean and will not leave a paint stain as the wood one will. You might want to offer a plexi pallet as an alternative to the wooden one that you ship with this Pochade box.
February 06, 2012

I love it! It not only is small enough that I can put it into a bag or backpack for travel, but it's sturdy, well made, and beautiful to look at.
Sarasota, Florida
December 19, 2011

My new large pochade box and supply box suit me just fine with a few of my own modifications. Being an inventor type I checked over every aspect of its construction, hardware, functions and styling. It is sturdy dove tail construction with a clever adjustment for accomodating panels. Easy and quick setup. Some of the wood screws are a bit short and on my box one screw was broken off and new holes were drilled in the manufacturing process. It doesn't show and is not an issue. I reduced the size of the brass clips that hold the painting panels to the bare minimum so I can paint to the edges of the surface with ease. This is my common complaint with most easels. Next I replaced the wood paper towel holders with brass clips. Replaced bulky wood blocks with small plastic washers to hold in my glass palette. Added a smaller lightweight fully adjustable brush holder. I was happy with the box even without the modification but now I can't wait to get out and paint. This set up will replace my halfbox French easel which has the palette far too low from the painting for a person wearing bifocal lenses.
November 03, 2011

Overall, I'm extremely pleased. I still think this is the best pochade box out there right now especially for the price. The pochade box, supply box and tripod weigh rougly 10lbs combined. My only 2 concerns...
1. The part that holds the panel is 1/4 inch (I paint on 1/8 inch panels, I'll probably rig it by putting another panel the same size behind it) I didn't catch that in the product description, it would have been good to know.

2. The brush holder that attaches to the side has to be on the right (I'm left handed) I did know this when I bought it, I could tell from the picture ... just something I wish they did.
Heppner, Oregon
September 07, 2011

The large pochade box will make a terrific overseas traveler. The right size and with the supply box, it will suit my needs very well. Both units with all supplies loaded into a laptop bag are compact enough to be taken as a carry-on on planes.
I am giving it 4 stars only because it arrived with one brass screw missing on the blocks that hold the palette down. How could someone possibly miss that in assembly?
September 05, 2011

I did a lot of research before buying this because I had a french easel and didn't like it. Its hard to really tell from online photos what something will be like but I thought this would be a good choice!

When it arrived it so far exceeded my expectations! It is quality construction, very nice looking very functional, very easy to use, very ingenious design. I HIGHLY recommend it!
Sunnyvale, CA
June 30, 2011

This is the only pochade box I've found that really works for me. It is beautifully constructed, easy to set up and transport and holds larger boards (I use it for pastels) more easily and sturdily than the others I've tried. One note: it works best with the tripod specifically designed for it. I have the large box with pastel insert, tripod, and supply box. Together they make a perfect traveling studio. I also have to say I love Madison Art - great service, great prices, fast shipping... I now go here first whenever I need equipment.
June 12, 2011

Just used my new Sienna Pochade
Coeur d' Alene, ID
May 07, 2011

I recently recieved the pochade box along with the supply
box. Over all I feel it was a good value. There were some
minor superfical issues that I noticed (I'm a real nit picker). There were several screws that were over tighten on the suppy box latches. I can deal with that. There was
also,some tear out around the brush holes on the supply box. This is more of a cosmetic issue. My first experience using the pochade and supply box was very good. Much better than I expected. It is light, sturdy, and easy to use. This equipment is well thought out and the best I have used for plein air painting to date.
Vicksburg, Mississippi
April 27, 2011

received the pochade box and supply box in perfect condition. both pieces are beautiful and will be a pleasure to use. I have ordered from your company twice and been very satisfied with the service. the UPS service was excellent and fun to watch on the computer and see as the package moved across the country to my front door in such a timely manner. thanks
April 11, 2011

This is my first pochade box. After checking out the reviews, the prices, the sturdiness etc. I love it. It is very light weight and easy to set up. I also have a tripod and it work like charm. Thank you! I will be purchasing more items.
Corvallis, OR
April 10, 2011

I recently purchased the larger pochade box and supply box. I received them promptly and they were thoughtfully packaged. Both are compact, beautifully constructed and finished, compatible with my tripod, and fit nicely into my backpack. The pochade box is a far cry from my traditional French-style easel and, believe me, I am looking forward to an unfettered painting experience. The supply box fits 12 37ml paint tubes and several paint brushes or similar combinations thereof. Madison's pricing for these two items is unbeatable and ridiculously low when compared competitor's brands. I definitely recommend this product.
Mesa, Arizona
March 21, 2011

Bought Pochade M Supply Box -- Madison's price was lowest anywhere on the internet. Received so quickly I got whiplash! Beautiful craftmanship and clever functionality in a small, lightweight, easy-to-set-up package. Almost too pretty to get paint all over them, but I can't imagine ever wanting to use another pochade setup at any price.
March 17, 2011

I am delightfully surprised with this pochade box! I bought the small size but it still can support my large hardboard for pastel work, is sturdy enough to hold my pastel box, small enough to fit in a carry-on and beautifully made.I originally bought it for oil plein air, but it works well for both mediums, also works well as a table easel for small work. I bought the Sienna tripod also, and it is a great piece of equipment,sturdy and easy to set-up!
Manchester, MD
March 09, 2011

Great product. Great price. Just right size for loading in a backpack and still have room for other necessities. Fits the camera tripod I already own. I'm a happy camper!
Poway, CA
February 12, 2011

This is a great lightweight set up, along with the backpack, pastel palette and a few supplies, made for a great morning of painting. No more sore shoulders from lugging even a half french easel and pastel box. I have a light weight tripod and it all worked out quite well, pack the night before and head out in the morning!
Sarasota, Florida
November 26, 2010

Very well made pochade box, light and useful. I have owned it for a while and enjoyed it on the go. Just bought the supply box.
Sarasota, FL
November 16, 2010

Very pleased with both the pochade box and supply box...arrived when scheduled packed beautifully. Both well made and a delight to use.
Central, Ohio
August 13, 2010

I ordered the large pochade box on a Sunday and received it on Friday of the same week. It was well packaged, arrived in excellent condition, and on time as UPS predicted. It is well made and exactly what I expected. The light weight, ease of adjustment, and flexability for use with oils, acrylics, pastels, and watercolor satisfies my needs for plein air painting.
Southern , IL
August 04, 2010

Great for on the go. more compact than a french easel. way cheaper than a soltek. i use a tripod for my large DSLR camera. so this was a great addition for when i head out in the world. i bought the supply box also. that attaches to the legs which adds more usable space. great system for the money. i hope to see you out there. you will see me with my Sienna. happy plein air painting.

The Sienna Pochade Box is available in two sizes:
•The M box has a palette area of 9” x 10” and a maximum canvas height of 15”
•The L box has a palette area of 10” x 12” and a maximum canvas height of 17”
The pochade box has a standard Ό” thread hole mounting plate which fits standard camera tripod. You would need a tripod which is rated to hold at least 12 pounds.
Optional Sienna Plein Air Tripod
• The Sienna plein air tripod is an exceptional piece of equipment. Sienna located one of the best tripod manufacturers in the world to find the perfect tripod for plein-air use.
• The tripod support for your pochade box is the most important piece in a good painting system. It has to be strong, lightweight, rugged, and rated to support a decent amount of weight, the Sienna tripod excels in all these categories.
Optional Sienna Plein Air Supply Box is designed to work in conjunction with the sienna pochade box and tripod.
• The cover unfolds into an accessory shelf to hold a solvent can, brush holes for wet brushes and various other supplies.
• The supply box also includes a paper towel holder.
Optional Sienna Plein Air Backpack
• The final touch to your plein air setup.
• Designed to carry an entire pochade box setup, including a tripod.
Optional Pastel Box Insert (2 sizes):
• The Medium (M) pastel box has two storage compartments that each measure 4 Ό” x 6 Ύ”
• The Large (L) pastel box has two storage compartments that measure each 5 Ό” x 7 Ύ”
Optional: Water color palette (2 sizes):
• The Medium (M) watercolor palette has two mixing areas that measure 3” x 6 Ύ”, eight 1” x 1” wells and two 1” x 2” wells
• The Large (L) watercolor palette has two mixing areas that measure 3 7/8” x 7 Ύ” and twelve 1” x 1” wells

The Pochade Box comes with black plate with 1/4" thread hole on the bottom.
Customer using their own tripod, should have a quick release plate on their tripods to connect to the plate of pochade box.
Our own optional Tripod comes with a quick release plate.

Make sure the left side horizontal sliding bar is pushed all way backward. This will generate supporting force.
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