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Starting with pastels can be a daunting experience, but this all-in-one Sienna Pastel Box makes it simple. With a pull-out tray organizer and a built-in easel, the Sienna Pastel Box has everything there is to get started today. Buy it today for yourself or the artist in your life.
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Product Description:
Sienna Pastel Box All-New Design Sienna Pastel Pochade Box With a removable foam-lined compartment, organizing slots, built-in easel and convertible stand, the Sienna Pastel Box is absolutely everything you need to get started with the remarkable art of pastels. Pastels can be fragile, but the durable construction of the Sienna Pastel Box will keep them safe while you're on-the-go -- and a easy to grip handle makes getting to your favorite drawing spot a breeze. Take the Sienna Pastel Box to university classes, the museum, the park, a scenic view or a portrait session -- the box is large enough to store all your supplies and small enough to remain convenient and compact.

And don't just stop there. Once you get to where you're going, the Sienna Pastel Box quickly converts to a stand-up easel or desk easel. All of your colors will remain neatly arranged in front of you, so that you don't need to go through the messy process of sorting through your colors and pulling them out. And as you know, pastels do tend to break -- and to get everywhere. You'll be glad that this box not only protects your pastels, but also protects everything around you from your pastels! All of the slots included are spacious enough to carry your entire collection at once, and the separated trays let you sort them easily by gradients, colors or even brand.

Need more space? Don't fear. A pull-out tray gives you all the room you need to balance the colors you're working with or even complete a small sketch. Other items can also be stored in this tray as necessary, such as other art supplies. Everything inside of the box itself is secured with a thin plastic tray, to ensure that things don't get moved around even if you're less than careful. Rather than having to juggle a thousand-and-one supplies and items, you can have absolutely everything you need in a single, compact box.

Are you looking for a give for someone who is just getting into pastels? The Sienna Pastel Box is a perfect gift because it offers them absolutely everything they need to get started immediately. And if you're an artist trying to begin pastels, this will be an excellent complement to your other art supplies. Fill them with your favorite pastels and your favorite drawing pad and you can get started today.

The Sienna Pastel Box is a premium carrying case which features a strong construction, ergonomically-designed knobs and an adjusting arm, which can be used to control the slant of the easel. Removable foam inserts can be used to keep items inside safe, and the plastic panel holders keep pastels separate. The easel can be adjusted to hold canvases and sketchbooks of a larger size, and the bottom has a tripod mount for easy mounting. A magnetic tray also affixes to the back of the pastel box for additional storage, and the easel itself can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of sizes.

At only 5.3 pounds, the Sienna Pastel Box is light enough to take with you nearly everywhere -- you could even take it on a hike if you're interested in drawing nature. With no liquids or other items, this box is also suitable for carrying aboard planes and other areas in which other art supplies could be prohibited. The closed dimensions of the Sienna Pastel Box are 17 3/4 inches by 13 inches, and it's a narrow 2 3/4 inches high. The solid wood construction of the box provides stability while you are creating your art, to ensure a quality product.

The Sienna Pastel Box is essentially a drawing table, easel, storage unit all-in-one, protecting all of your valuable art supplies, rendering them portable and giving you a convenient drawing space. Order one today to get started in the world of pastel art -- or to simply consolidate all of your pastel supplies into one single, easy to contain area.

(Please note: this item does not fit in the #C-BCK-1613 Sienna PLEIN AIR BACKPACK. To fit in the backpack, we would suggest the #PB-1012 Large Sienna Plein Air Pochade Box with the optional pastel pallet insert. That fits in the Sienna Backpack.)

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16.25 x 3.25 x 12.25 inches
4.60 lbs

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Ponte Vedra, FL
February 16, 2014

I am returning this box. It is a bit too big and bulky for plein air and does not seem very stable on the tripod.The panel that holds the pastels in place is very flimsy. It is nothing more than a piece of cardboard and is not held in place by anything. I can envision my pastel sticks shaking and rolling around as I transport them.

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