Some artists like to get everything custom made for their uses. Custom brushes, custom canvases, custom whatever. Some people even like to have their holders that hold their custom canvases be custom made! A custom made option has a lot of benefits, as it ensures that you know exactly where it came from - not only that, you know that this stretcher was made for you, and only you. Customers can choose how wide they want their stretcher to be, as well as be able to choose down to the inch how tall it will be. Not only does it ensure a high level of quality, but the makers themselves provide a high level of service as well.

  • Custom made to your preferences
  • High quality materials ensure that you don't have to worry about replacing it for quite a while
  • Extremely fairly priced!

A lightweight stretcher bar is a valuable purchase, and the custom cut options help make it easier to find the exact size that you want or need.

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