Iwata W-100/LPH-100 Airbrush SPRAY GUN (HVLP)

Iwata W-100/LPH-100 Airbrush SPRAY GUN (HVLP)
The Iwata line of airbrush spray guns with its patented fine air nozzle and double action fixed trigger helps you create exactly the award winning piece for which you are applying your talent, whether you are a body shop paint artist or an artist completing a fine art exhibition. The benefit of owning an Iwata paint spray gun is so outstanding that it enriches the work of the novice, the intermediate, and the award winning professional.
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Product Description:
The gravity cup rotation on this 100 series Iwata air brush paint sprayer permits perfect layering of fine spray to correctly define your art work's texture. *Spray pattern on the W 100 is four inches and the LPH100 has a spray pattern area of eight inches. You have solid control of every stroke due to the double action fixed trigger, easy to maneuver light weight and automatic knobs for air pressure and fan pattern. The 8 ounce aluminum fluid cup is precisely approved by art school experts, and the 1.0 mm nozzle will never clog, leak or drip. The entire Iwata l00 Series is highly recommended for automotive clear coating application and touch up, your large studio work, gesso coatings and award worthy mural creations. The paint's high viscosity provides ease with metallic spray finishes as well. There will be no over spray because the engineering of the side-mounted and gravity fed paint gun will not permit ruinous over spraying to ruin your art work. The chrome body of the gun is a convenience which allows you to quickly and professionally clean the spray gun after use.
Iwata has a history of being the world leader in professional paint guns and is now introducing new HVLP spray guns of the 100 Series as complementing additions to the Iwata R3 Series.
The custom finishes of automotive competitions require excellence in application found only in Iwata air spray paint guns. The diamond in the gem cutter's hands cannot make the measurements and clean cuts for the jeweler. This is the same for the high viscosity paints and compressed air that create an award grade custom finish. The sole control is in the artist's hands cradling the perfectly engineered Iwata air spray paint guns. That is where the talent lives, and that is the force from which beautiful art work can be borne. Iwata is the world-wide go-to authority in paint compressed spray guns representing excellent high end tools and their artistic uses.
These new NVLP 100 Series spray paint guns are crowning gems for Iwata compressed air spray paint guns.
On sale at a price that is an elementary investment for the prized results you will now create, and shipping is free in the 48 contiguous United States of America.
Must have 2.5 hp air compressor or stronger
G+: The Iwata industry giant has again produced a super achievement in the newest innovations in their HVLP100 Series compressed air paint spray guns. The newly powered guns require a 2.5 hp compressor or larger to perfect the work they are built to perform. The high end art tools completely eliminate over spray, dollops or running in the finish, whether custom paint, varnishing finishes, or metallic super custom jobs.

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