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Need a bigger, better, cooler air compressor that actually stays cool? You've found it in Iwata's Great White Shark!
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Product Description:
Iwata GREAT WHITE SHARK Airbrush COMPRESSOR Iwata Great White Shark Airbrush Compressor

Silent Air Compressors

Designer: Mark "the Shark" Rush

Anyone who's used an Iwata Shark air compressor -- developed alongside Mark "the Shark" Rush -- knows that these babies run cooler, more efficiently and quieter than previous models and competing products do. This compressor, lovingly named the Great White Shark, sports a 5/8 Hp motor to make sure it packs the power you need. Next, the Great White has a high-powered fan positioned so that it sends cool air over the head of the aforementioned motor to keep it cool and avoid overheating issues. As yet another preventative measure against overheating, this compressor has a top-quality radiator that chills air prior to hitting the coalescent air filter. Best of all, the Great White Shark has a hefty 4-gallon tank sitting on top of it all to complete the unit. The tank's positioning isn't just for good looks; placing the 4-gallon tank atop the rest of the unit uses gravity (and amazing filters) to remove moisture and oil from the hose before it gets to the tank. The air goes through one last filter after leaving this monster of a tank and reaches your airbrush. You can't beat this sort of quality and care in an airbrush compressor!

When you buy the Great White Shark for all of your airbrushing needs, you're getting Iwata Medea's latest and greatest design. The Great White Shark even looks cooler than competitors do. All of the compressor's components are protected in an awesome dual-roll bar cage-on-wheels to keep everything safe, including your sanity, whenever you need to transport the unit. It will deliver some of the cleanest, driest air you've ever airbrushed with. The best part? There's hardly any maintenance required and they've thought of everything to make the Great White Shark the front of its class. It even has a 10-foot power cord that lets you plug it directly into the main power source instead of using an underpowered extension cord. This is yet another genius design element that'll make sure you never have to pause a project because of an overheated compressor again.

The Iwata Great White Shark Airbrush Compressor is designed with heavy-duty studio use in mind. It's also excellent for teams of textile artists and T-shirt designers. The Great White Shark is even powerful enough to drive the Iwata RG-2 and other small spray guns for automotive, ceramic and fine art painting. What are you waiting for? The Great White Shark will blow every compressor you've ever used out of the water with better function, a sleeker design and a (much) cooler name.

Here's a quick rundown of what you'll get when you buy this beast:
  • Powerful Motor/Compressor: High-powered, heavy-duty 5/8 hp motor complete with a finned head for the best cooling capability and the highest durability.
  • Top-Quality Pressure Regulator: Sturdy pressure regulator lets you get the most out of your airbrush with its easy-to-read, accurate settings up to 100 psi.
  • Top-Mounted Tank: Formidable 4-gallon air tank positioned above the motor for optimum moisture removal and to balance the unit.
  • Pre-Tank Oil/Moisture Filter: 99.99% efficient filter to remove water and oil before it reaches the air tank -- maintenance-free, automatically drains when full.
  • Post-Tank Moisture Filter: 5-micron moisture filter between the air tank and airbrush to ensure clean, dry air every time.
  • Wheels/Protective Cage: Sturdy, wheeled bar cage for safe and simple transportation.
  • Extra Long Power Cord: Rugged 10-foot power cord to eliminate the need for extension cords, which often contribute to overheating problems.
  • Cooling Fan/Radiator: The positioning of the fan and radiator feeds your air tank cool air rather than cooling it after it reaches the tank. This helps remove moisture before it reaches the tank and allows the for most efficient cooling of the unit's motor.
Tech Specs:
  • HP: 5/8 hp
  • PSI: 84-114 PSI maximum pressure
  • CFM: 2.25 CFM at open flow
  • Voltage: 110V, 60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 29" high x 16" wide x 14" long
  • Shipping Weight: 76 lbs
  • Illustrators: The Great White Shark can accommodate illustration studio set-ups for up to four people
  • Fine Artists, Ceramic Artists and Automotive Painters: The Great White Shark runs both small spray guns and airbrushes
  • T-Shirt Artists: The Great White Shark can accommodate up to two people in a production t-shirt artist setup

Packaged wt : 76 lbs.
Dims: 30x16x14
(Oversize Shipping: $227.95)
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