Keencut Heat Knife, Carrier, or Blades

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Equip your cutter bar to cut and seal synthetic fabrics safely, quickly, and accurately, with an HSG-0 heat knife, blade, and carrier.
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 60398 Heat Knife Carrier attachment: $216.00

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 67100 HSG-0 Heat Knife (fits the 60398 Heat Knife Carrier, Blade not included): $189.99

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 67101 HSO-N Blade. Fine Tip: $49.99

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 67102 Type R Blade. Broad Tip: $49.99

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Product Description:

Cut and seal synthetic fabrics on a cutter bar safely, quickly, and accurately, with the Keencut carrier and HSG-0 heat knife and blades. The carrier fits the Keencut Evolution E2, Sabre 2, Evolution, and Sabre cutter bars. The knife accepts interchangeable blades and is useful for cutting either with the cutter bar or by hand. The HSO-N blade adapts the knife for use on fine fabrics and making curved cuts. The type-R blade easily cuts straight lines through synthetic fabrics, as well as webbing and even rope (17 mm).

Fast, Accurate, Safe Cutting

The Keencut carrier attaches a heat knife to the aluminum bar of an Evolution E2, Sabre 2, Evolution, or Sabre cutter bar. As you slide the carrier along the cutter, the heat knife cuts a precisely straight line, minimizing human error and eliminating a need for makeshift straight edges. As the heated blade cuts, it also seals the edges, saving the time that you would spend trimming frayed edges. Accurate, fast cuts and sealing allow a shop to handle more projects that require highly demanding fabric graphics. For safety, the carrier is designed so that pressing down on the knife engages the knife’s heating element, and releasing the knife turns it off automatically.

Some customers already have a heat knife and one or more blades, so we sell the carrier, heat knife, fine-tip blade, and broad-tip blade separately.

Knife Carrier (60398)

Attach a heat knife and blade to this knife carrier, and attach the carrier easily to your cutter's aluminum bar. Press the knife to turn it on, and then slide the carrier smoothly down the length of the cutter bar. The heat knife’s blade makes a precisely straight cut through synthetic fabric and seals the edges against fraying. For safety’s sake, the carrier is designed so that the heat knife shuts off automatically when the user releases it. The carrier has a five-year general warranty and a free twenty-year warranty on its bearings.

The HSG-0 Heat Knife (67100)

The HSG-0 heat knife uses 120V, 60W electricity to heat an attached blade to a temperature of about 1,100°F (600°C), in just 6–8 seconds. This knife fits the Keencut carrier and accepts the blades described below. It carries a one-year limited warranty for manufacturer defects.

Heat Knife Blades

The blade of a heat knife cuts synthetic fabric and seals the edges, thus preventing fraying. We sell two HSGM blades to fit the HSG-0. Note that these blades’ recommended cutting surface is 1/4" tempered glass (not included).

HSO-N Fine-Tip Blade (67101): This blade, with a 9-mm cutting edge, is for use with fine fabrics and for projects requiring curved cuts.

Type-R Broad-Tip Blade (67102): This blade, with a 1.14" cutting edge, is for general use in cutting and sealing synthetic fabrics, as well as webbing and even rope (17 mm).

HSGM Heat Knife Warranty: 1-year limited warranty for manufacturer defects on HSGM heat knives.

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