Jullian Half-French Easel - Manufactured in Original Paris France Factory! (Closeout)

Jullian Half-French Easel - Manufactured in Original Paris France Factory! (Closeout) - Click to enlarge
Limited quantity available. This legendary French made easel will not be available again.
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Product Description:
SOLD-OUT We do have regular new Jullians now manufactured by the ne Jullian factory in China available on our other page here: Jullian JB45 and JB40 French Easels
Jullian Half-French Easel - Manufactured in Original Paris France Factory! (Closeout) As you have probably heard and seen, after 100 years the Jullian French Easel has stopped manufacturing their Legendary French easels in their Paris France factory. Jullian has now begun importing themselves their products from China.
Our customers have been complaining about the diminished thickness of wood and hardware and other complaints as to the reduced quality. Well, not much that we can do about it.

However, we still have some stock of the Half-French size JB40 from the very last run to be manufactured in Jullian's original Paris France factory before it closed! This is the original wood, hardware and quality! Available for the very last time while supplies last!

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Fairfield CT
May 25, 2018

Hello Jacob and Esther,
I received the easel today! What a difference from one I had purchased that was made in China. No comparison at all, not even close. If you still have some when I make my next good sale I am thinking of buying another one. I am very happy with it and of course it will help me paint better.?
Again thank you. So glad I bought it.
This is the real deal!
Portland, ME
September 16, 2017

This is exactly like the easel I used to have which was made in France. QUALITY joinery, double reinforced corners and thoughtful design. No glued pieces that will fall off after one use. The leather strap and handle are as described, heavy duty and designed to last. The wood pallet is sturdy, perfectly flat when opened, and fits perfectly in to the box when folded. The pallet also has little legs on it so that when you close it your paint does not smoosh. This is exactly what french easel should be, and everything I was looking for.
Boyds, MD
December 09, 2014

I was extremely impressed with the swiftness of the sale. I received it a couple of days later...

sad to hear there will be no more "real French easels"...
Julian Half-Easel Original
Fillmore, CA
September 27, 2014

This is a great product--so beautifully made with obvious pride in the craftsmanship and product. I have two other "French Easels" which are a constant cause of irritation to me. This original Julian easel fits together, holds together, adjusts beautifully, came with a nylon back pack, leather carrying strap, a lovel toeel with a clip on to artach to the easel and spare parts! I love it.
Chesterfield, MO
July 06, 2014

I searched for the Paris authentic version of the Jullian half easel for my great-niece, who just graduated high school and is entering college with a fine arts scholarship. The thrill that she and her art school friends got when they saw this was immeasurable. During the party there was a group cluster to learn the tricks of opening and closing... It was like watching an archaeological dig! A plein aire date was set for the next day and I am told it was amazing. I can attribute the success to both the fine quality and stellar reputation of the Authentic Jullian French half-easel. These students have " seen the rest and know the best",
I must say also... "Jacob", who pulled my order and made sure it shipped in time for the gathering is, in my opinion, one of the most conscientious and helpful service people I have dealt with in years (and I am a retired service/support Director for a Fortune 100 company). Quick, personable, detailed in his answers and effective - and all this in the late hours of a Saturday night when other workers may have just ignored or tried to get out the door. He was stellar. Absolutely a pleasure... And the number one reason I will be back shopping Madison Art very soon. With the highest regards, Joan Dickerson
Kent, Ohio
June 16, 2014

I just received this easel, and it is beautiful! It was easy to set up, and will be easier now that I know what to do. I loved that the instructions were in French first, with the English translation underneath.I am truly looking forward to using this wonderful easel as I explore my painting journey more.
Milwaukee, WI
June 13, 2014

Thank you, Madison Art, for a unique offer like this original Jullian easel. I have been using a Jullian half-size easel that had been used by my father since the 1950s. I thought of putting that veteran easel to rest for a long time, but could not spend money for a "Made in China" one. Now, I am so happy to have this brand new but made-in-Paris one. Every details are perfect, and the feeling touching them is quite different to touching a Made-in-China one. A great buy.

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