SIENNA PLEIN AIR Canvas / Panel Holder

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Don't forget to purchase your Supply/Palette-Box and Ultimate Backpack with your Sienna Plein Air Canvas/Panel Holder so hiking to your destination with all your supplies intact will be a snap. All pieces can be used separately, but together, you'll have your entire studio ready to move when you are.
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Product Description:
This versatile canvas/panel holder goes where you go without the bulk of a regular easel. The Sienna Plein Air Canvas/Panel Holder is compact enough to fit with the Sienna Supply/Palette Box and Sienna Tripod in the Ultimate Plein Air Backpack. Although all pieces are sold separately, together they make your trip to your favorite outdoor location organized and easy.

The Sienna Plein Air Canvas/Panel Holder has all the features you need to keep your canvases and panels in place while Mother Nature caresses you with gentle, or not so gentle, breezes. It's perfect for hiking to those dramatic and rugged coastlines or mountain environments. Or trek to those wind-swept plains and desert scenes just waiting to come alive for you. The rubber bumpers securely hold your canvas in place. The clips do the same for your panels.

The Sienna Plein Air Canvas/Panel Holder embraces stretched-canvas and painting panels as small as 8 inches up to 20 inches or 20 cm to 76 cm. The rubber bumpers grip canvases from 3/4-inch to 2 inches thick, and the clips hold panels as thin as 1/4-inch. The top canvas holder pivots slightly to make the grip perfectly tight.

Sizing for your canvas or panel is easy as Sunday morning with the three adjustment knobs on the back of the holder. Simply place the canvas or panel on the front ledge, then, using the knobs on the back of the holder, adjust the top and sides to fit, then tighten the knobs.

The attached aluminum mounting plate has standard 1/4 by 20 threads that allow you to mount to most standard tripods. The ballhead allows adjustments to any angle, including flat. The holder sets up quickly allowing you to start painting without delay.

The four gripping bumpers are designed to be unobtrusive while you work on canvas, and the three panel-holding clips allow you to paint to the edges with no interference.

The Sienna Plein Air Canvas/Panel Holder's dimensions are: 14 1/4" (36 cm) long; 8" (20 cm) wide; 3" (7.5 cm) deep. Weight is 3 pounds.

Oversize shipping does apply: $25.70

Once you've discovered the compact wonders of the Sienna Plein Air Canvas/Panel Holder, you will want to use it indoors, too. It's perfect for your studio, workshop, art classes or any place you need to set up and create your unique brand of art.

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Best portable easel I've used
January 13, 2018

I have two of the Sienna Air Panel holder. Its light, its well made, and when used with a photo tripod, excels outside fro plain air painting. I got a second one so that I can use it in my home studio. I love the Sienna products - I have a pochade box that I use with watercolors, again attached to a photo tripod, with the Sienna supply box and a wet panel holder.Try them out!
Perfect for me
January 07, 2018

I already had the palette box that I used on my old easel but, I really wanted to try the full outfit.
I liked the way the Sienna easel looked but, was a bit skeptical because years ago I had a pochade and did not like it and its wobbliness.
I also wanted a plein air for working inside as well. My old easel took up way too much space.
Well, I ended up loving the palette holder and tripod I got from Madison.
After a bit of trial and error setting it all up, including my palette box, I finally figured it out.
It is very secure. Holds canvas small and larger. It's also really easy to adjust, setup and size. The Canvas Holder on the tripod doesn't not wobble or move.
I got a tv tray with a nice size box that sets on it that I can set all my paints out and I'm set.
I definitely would recommend the Sienna to anyone who wants a plein air easel and wants to paint both outside and inside. And wants canvas size variety,
Sienna Plein Air Canvas/Panel Holder
June 19, 2017

I love it! It is fast to set up on my tripod and carries my painting when I am finished.
The construction and finish are very good quality.

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