Artograph DESIGNMASTER Opaque Art Projector

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This versatile projection tool enlarges images up to 30 times their size, and can be securely mounted onto any work surface for a quick and easy tabletop projection. 
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Product Description:

With the multi-purpose Artograph DESIGNMASTER Opaque Art Projector, you can swiftly project images onto a vertical or horizontal surface for optimal viewing. The projector comes with an adjustable stand that sturdily clamps onto any work surface, perfect for tabletop projection. Images can be expanded 4x their size, or reduced by 70% when viewing on a tabletop surface using the 200mm reversible, optical glass lens. Remove the projector from its stand to project images horizontally up to 30 times their size. 

This versatile projecting tool is ideal for tracing and visualization. Customers love the bright, 20 hours of quality lighting from the 250-Watt halogen lamp. Angles and sizes are scaled accurately without being warped for a precision-oriented display. Copyboard includes two stainless steel clips to secure 6" x 6" copy. Safety is guaranteed as the projector uses a cooling fan to keep the circuit from overloading. Projector is lightweight at 8 lbs. Made in the USA with a 5-year warranty from manufacturer. 

Optional: Purchase the new Artograph Storage Bag today, which is made specifically for Artograph projectors. This soft, black nylon bag securely holds the projector to avoid scratches and breaks. You can also hold extra art supplies and film lenses. Make storage easy and have peace of mind using the Artograph Storage Bag. 

This art projector can project, enlarge and shrink just about any type of flat, opaque picture. It's perfect for art students, schools, as well as professional artists!

High quality art projectors can cost hundreds of dollars and take a team of people to set up, but this smaller version is perfect for artists on a budget. This projector can take any flat, opaque image that is less than 6" by 6" and enlarge it to an image about 30x bigger. It's perfect for artists, teachers, crafters, and anyone for outlining a copy.

The projector comes with one specialty light bulb. Replacement bulbs can usually be found at camera shops. A storage bag and tabletop stand are also available. The stand can turn a horizontal image into a vertical one; perfect for anyone who wants to showcase an image for a large audience.

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November 29, 2017

This product is amazing! If someone says it doesn't work it is probably because they are not famailiar with how to use it. Anyway, I used it for a mural and it worked great. It enlarges like 40x's. Fast shipping, great product. Will def buy again from them
November 29, 2017

After the first time using this projector I was pleased with how simple it was to use.The image quality is excellent.This projector is as good if not better than its more expensive counterparts on the market today.
Overall this projector is an excellent value for the money whether using for crating,illustration,or airbrushing.
November 29, 2017

I truly enjoy looking at on this web site , it contains superb..
February 22, 2011

This is a fairly large unit especially when using the stand. When using the stand, the unit is about 9" across and up to 18" down. So, be sure you have the space.

When using the stand and projecting on to the table, you must turn the lens up and down within its holder to get your image sharp. It isn't a smooth turn but once you get used to it, it isn't difficult to do. So, there is a lot of variability in the clarity of the image depending on the size of the image you are using and moving the lens unit up and down. Using it on the table top, your image is naturally limited in size. Using the unit without the stand, your image can be a lot bigger when projected on the wall. So far, a 4" x 6" photo seems to work best. The better your photo too, the better the image. So, old black and white or sepia photos have a bit less clarity.

The service from Madison was very fast and the machine arrived intact.

This machine does exactly what it says which is to project an opaque image onto a surface such as a wall or a table. The image itself looks nearly just like the image you are projecting, certainly enough to catch the outlines and features of the subject.
Ridge, NY
April 13, 2009

Seems like it will do what I want. I wish it was brighter but then the next model up has two bulbs.

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