DA VINCI Oil Colors with Alkyd Resin & DA VINCI Scuola - boxes of 3

These oil colors are permanent; each oil is highly resistant to fading. Created with alkyd resin, painting with this kit reduces drying time and the potential for accidents. The oil mixture is composed of MIR oil, allowing you to keep the tone and pigment of each color you use without compromising your artwork due to the vegetable oil used during the process of creating the oils. For many artists, MIR oil helps them experiment with colors, without concerns of bleeding. You can use the oils included for coloring, or you can blur using transparent oils that are included. You also get a spatula, a color chart, a tube holder, an oil holder top, charcoal, foam, brushes, and assorted mediums in a wooden box. This box of MIR oil colors is created to promote flexibility, allowing you to paint on unique props to easily create their work of art. The oils are also durable, so if you are creating images on clothing, you do not have to worry about the oils coming off. Additionally, these MIR oils are water resistant, allowing your customers to wash your design without worry about damaging the artwork. This set is made in the United States and have a transparency rating of transparent, semi-transparent, opaque, and semi-opaque.

Set of three DA VINCI oil colors. These oil colors are designed for the fine arts. They are highly stable providing luminosity when used.

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Marcello Dworzak


Peek inside Da Vinci's history and you will see a heritage of paint making dating back over 75 years to Northern Italy. Today in its 3rd generation, and in California, Marcello continues his granfather's passion and announces reason to celebrate with Da Vinci's updated oil collection. New formulas include 15 Natural Pigment Colors such as Natural Gold Ochre, Arizona Red and Hematite Genuine. This collection of 60 linseed-based colors is ideal for those seeking high-quality creamy consistency oils. All colors are formulated with the highest concentration of lightfast pigments and today Da Vinci is accepted as the most permanent color line in the industry.

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