SIENNA All In One Pochade Box

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Use the All-In-One Pochade Box to store your items and paint anywhere you would like with its built-in plein-aire easel and optional standing tripod.
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Product Description:
The All In One Pochade Box made by Sienna is the perfect tool to help you store everything that you need for a full day of air painting. This box has all of the great features that the traditional Sienna boxes do with the bonus of a few extra amazing features. Not only will it carry all of your air painting essentials, it builds into a stand-up easel with Optional Tripod to allow you to paint where every you would like.

This all-in-one pochade box up comes with three roomy compartments and a wet panel compartment which will allow you to store up to two panels. You can store panels that are 8” x 10” or 9” x 12”.

You can secure the top lid at any angle that you need to using the adjustment arm. You can even lay it completely flat which is perfect for watercolor painting.

The back of the lid has magnets which will be able to hold the brush tray. This is a perfect way to hold pallet cups, web brushes and pallet knives easily and conveniently. The tray can be attached to either side of the box and is easily detached from the magnets.

Along with these many great features, it also includes a holder for paper towels to help with cleanup. The paper towel holder can be mounted on the front of the box and is strong enough to hold an entire roll.


The box measures 14.75" x 11.25" x 12.25" when it is closed

Inside, the storage compartments are 3.25" x 12.25"

The total weight of the Pochade Box is 6.8 pounds

Canvas size area is 17” high and can be adjusted to any size width

The pallet area is 10" x 12"

Storage Areas

There are three separate apartments that are located under the slide out pallet. You can store brushes, paint tubes and any other painting accessories that you may need in these compartments.

The compartments are large enough to hold up to 840 mL paint tubes. You can also remove the dividers that separate the compartments to give yourself a larger area for storage.

Sliding Magnetic Door

Within the box is a sliding admitted door. This is a unique feature that is not often found in similar types of shot glasses. It is perfect to store wet paint safely. The magnets pull the door shut so you need not have to worry about eating spilling on your other supplies all you carry it along.

Adapter Bar

The pochade box is large enough to hold two paintings back to back that are as large as 9" x 12". You can also use the adapter bar to carry two panels that are 8" x 10".

Sturdy and Built to Last

The pochade box is built to last. It has a very strong construction. It has strong joints and uses high-strength wood throughout the box. It is strong enough to hold up to any collisions that may occur if you drop the box or it hits something. Your painting supplies are valuable and are important to keep safe.

Star Knobs

The Canvas holders can be adjusted accurately using the star knobs. These knobs are a much better option than the simple wing nut that you will find on most comparable to pochade boxes. These knobs are easy to make small adjustments with to and will hold the Canvas in the exact way that you want it to.

Adjustment Arm

Using the star knobs, you can adjust the lid arm to stay at any angle that you want. You can even lay it completely flat. You can use the pochade box on a flat table and angle the top in a position that is most comfortable to you. There is rubber bumpers located at the bottom of the box to prevent it from sliding around.

Beautiful Finish

The box is beautifully made with a birch palette that is coated with a transparent lacquer finish. It is perfect to use with acrylic paint or oil. The lacquer finish makes it easy to clean off any paint on the box after you are finished. You can also take advantage of the birch color for mixing paint. The light birch is perfect for mixing colors.

Canvas Holding Clips

The pochade box is able to hold painting panels and stretched canvases using the holding clips. The holding clips will be able to secure the Canvas in place without blocking the edge of the frame which makes it easy to paint throughout the entire canvas including the very edges. It can hold canvases that are as large as 17” tall and as wide as you need.

Brush Tray

The brush try is located behind the lid and is held on using magnets. You can place the brush tray on either side of the box depending on your preference. It can hold up to seven different brushes and has an open area which you can use to hold pallet cups.

Mounting Plate Tripod

The mounting plate is 1/4” thick and has an area of 2.5" x 2.5". It is made from aluminum and has a standard sized 1/4 x 20 hole which can be used to fasten the plate. You can use three screws to secure the plate to the frame and secure it firmly to the tripod.

The All In One Pochade Box does not include glass palette.
Customer can purchase GP-1012 (10 x 12 inch) to work compatible with The All In One Pochade Box.

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Well worth the price!
Los Angeles, CA
May 03, 2018

I began plein air painting a year ago, and this was my first major art supplies purchase. I am SO happy I bought the All In One pochade box and wish I would have found it sooner! The box has EVERYTHING I need for a painting excursion, it is so easy to set up, and it is very sturdy. I also highly recommend purchasing the Sienna tripod to go along with the box. Such well-made products that make painting extra easy and fun!
Love this pochade!
Guilderland, NY
June 19, 2017

This pochade works better than advertised. It's light weight, it has brush holders which I love, and I love, love love the paper towel holder. It has everything I wanted and more. It works well with my old tripod too. Great product. I would heartily recommend.
My Second All in One
September 02, 2015

Sometimes you want all the needs of one medium together, in one box, to quickly grab and head out. Yes, it's heavier than the three individual, separate units you'd need, but lighter than all three combined.

I have the work tray and the two wet panel holders and love the look, feel, and function of all these Sienna boxes.

This is my second All in One box.

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