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Austin Air purifiers utilize high-end air filtering technology to protect the human respiratory system from radioactive particles, gases and sub-micron particles from the air. The purifiers use activated carbon to clean the air ensuring everyone in the specific environment gets clean air.

Developers of Austin air purifiers have the artist in mind. The product works to ensure an artist’s studio has nothing but pure air minimizing risks that come with inhaling intoxicated air.  

Artists often work in polluted environment that can have negative effects such as:

  • Itchy eyes
  • Respiratory problems
  • Running nose and clogged throat
  • Long-term damage to the respiratory system

Austin Air purifiers are environmental friendly and come in array of colors to suit different artists. They are made of steel for durability and come with portability castors making them easy to move.

FREE Shipping in the 48 states!

Austin Air purifier offers the best air cleaning services in the world and is trusted by doctors and other consumers globally. It is the air purifier of choice for homes, office and industrial buildings all around the world. (Free Shipping!)

Austin Air Purifiers. {Free Shipping!}

Austin Air Purifiers feature an Innovative Filter Design, All Steel Construction... Nothing but pure Air!

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No art studio should be without an Austin!

{FREE Shipping in the 48 states!}

Strengthened immune system for life!

What is Clean Air?
• Delicate balance of nitrogen and oxygen with small amounts of argon, carbon dioxide, neon, helium and other gasses.
• Austin Air Purifiers filter out Pollutants that alter that delicate mixture.

Air Quality Crisis
• Most major metropolitan areas got a failing grade in the 2000 EPA Air Quality Report
• Indoor Air is usually 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air.
Devastating Effects of Dirty Air

America’s #1 Air Cleaner

Our Filters Make the Difference!
• Over 60 Sq. Ft. of Medical HEPA for removing airborne particulates
• Over 15 lbs. Of Carbon/Zeolite for adsorption of odors, gasses & chemicals
• 5-Year pro-rated guarantee!

Unique Product Features
• Engineered airflow creating the Clean Air Pocket™
• Solid Steel Construction
• Environmentally friendly powder-coated paint with no off-gassing
• Energy saving PSC Motor with 3 speed settings
• Casters for portability
• Made in the USA!

Clean Air Proof
• Ranked #1 by the US Army in an independent test
• Quietest machine on lowest setting
• Lowest annual maintenance cost
• Longest filter life
• Most effective HEPA-based personal air cleaner

Clean Air Proof
• Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers for over ten years
• Consistently recommended by top allergists across the globe
• Austin air cleaners can be found in practically every country in the world

Benefits of Austin Air machines over "Ozone Machines"
• EPA says ozone at any effective level is harmful to humans
• Ionizers may produce ozone and are labor-intensive to clean and maintain
• A number of lawsuits are pending against major ozone machine manufacturers
• Ionizers only displace floating particles to surfaces in your home.
• Ionizers create ozone, a harmful lung irritant
• Ionizers do not remove chemicals
• Ionizers can cause sore throats and headaches

The Bottom Line
Only Austin's Comes With
• Clean Air Guarantee
• Engineered Clean Air Pocket
• Superior Filter Technology
• Peace of mind...plug it in, turn it on and enjoy five years of clean air

Austin Air products are recommended for
• Individual users. Especially for allergy/asthma sufferers and those with chemical sensitivities.
• Hospitals & clinics
• Spas and hair salons
• Pet shops
• Tobacco stores
• Retirement homes
• After Painting Homes
• Fire restoration
• Gyms
• Large offices
• & of course all ART STUDIOS!

Stay safe in the heat this summer

As temperatures soar and air quality levels drop, summertime can be a challenge, particularly for those people with ongoing respiratory problems such as asthma.

Smog, a real danger in summertime, is created when ground level ozone and emissions from vehicles and industry reacts with heat and sunlight. This chemical reaction creates a smoky, foggy atmosphere, hence the name smog.

And if you live in or around one of the country's 'Heat Zones', temperatures can be dangerously high, making it even more difficult to breathe. 'Heat Zones' occur in urban areas where traffic is particularly heavy and there are no green spaces. Furthermore, heat absorbing asphalt and buildings can cause temperatures to rise even higher.

So what can you do to stay safe this summertime? First and foremost, stay hydrated. If you do have to go out when the heat is up, be sure to carry water with you. Second, avoid going out at certain times of the day. Temperatures and ozone levels are at their highest between 2 and 6pm, so if possible, try to stay indoors during this time. And finally, if you have asthma, ensure you carry your inhaler with you at all times.

Back to school check list for asthmatics

Many of us with children will be gearing up to start school in the next few weeks. But parents of children with asthma will need to be a little more prepared than most.

According to the American Lung Association, there are a number of things we can do to ensure our children stay healthy going back to school.

Before school starts, schedule an appointment with your physician to ensure all asthma meds are up to date and the correct treatment plan is in place.

Talk to the school nurse and teachers to ensure everyone knows exactly what your child's needs are when it comes to managing and controlling their asthma.

Asthma to be diagnosed by smell

As bizarre as it may sound, a team of scientists have found a totally new way to diagnose asthma, by using smell.

There has been some evidence to suggest that dogs, with their heightened sense of smell, can sniff out certain cancers

So the team from the UK is taking this theory one stage further with the E-NOSE project. They won't be using dogs this time but they will be using state of the art chemical sensors, to analyze children's breath.

We don't have a definitive test for diagnosing asthma, so it's exciting to think that this latest technology may be able to provide us with a complete and conclusive test for diagnosing the disease.

Forest fires raise air quality concerns

It goes without saying that forest fires are a very real danger for people in the immediate vicinity. But the smoke and haze caused by fires can travel huge distances. So even if you live many miles from the blaze, your health could still be affected.

Young children and people with ongoing respiratory problems need to take extra care and avoid time outdoors if the air quality is low.

Even those of us with healthy lungs should avoid strenuous outdoor activities when the air is polluted from smoke.

More on the dangers of fracking

The controversial drilling method known as 'fracking' hits the headlines again this month. This time experts are claiming it can be linked to an increase in asthma for people living near to the drilling sites.

According to the study, people living close to the major fracking sites can have up to 4 times as many asthma attacks in comparison to those living further away. Experts have also found that people living near to the sites often suffer from sleep disruption, excess noise and air pollution, all of which can contribute to an increase in asthma symptoms.

There have been other studies to show that gas extracted in this way can cause major health problems such as birth defects, skin rashes and various respiratory disorders. This latest research just adds to the ever growing argument that the practice of fracking is fundamentally unsafe for local residents and is affecting their health on many levels.

Thumb sucking and nail biting may help protect against allergies

We have talked a lot about how exposure to certain bacteria before we are born and in our early years can help us to develop a healthy immune system and protect us from asthma and allergies.

Now a team from New Zealand has been looking at how children who suck their thumb or bite their nails may inadvertently be helping to protect themselves from certain diseases.

The team looked at data from 1037 people from the time they were born right into adulthood. They found that the kids with the bad habits were significantly less likely to suffer from allergies by the time they were 13. Furthermore, this level of protection continued throughout their lives as they were tested again at 32.

So while we may not want to actively encourage our children to bite their nails and suck their thumb, it may not be all bad as it could be helping to keep them healthy.

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