Austin Air Healthmate Jr.

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If your eyes really are the windows to your soul, it should be equally true that the respiratory system is its filtration method.  With the Austin Air Healthmate Jr., you can be sure that you and your loved ones are breathing the best air possible, regardless of the circumstances.
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Product Description:

If it really is true that what you don't know can hurt you, then it is equally true that what you don't know you're breating, can kill you.  Not only that, but the validity of this claim is something that is proven every day in homes and buildings all over the world.  Fortunately, with the Austin Air Healthmate Jr. can make much of the contaminants that you breath every day a thing of the past.  

It doesn't matter whether what you are breathing are the fumes from your cleaning products or those that are emitted by more subtle means such as those given off by your composite wood products, you should make an effort to rid yourself as well as your loved ones of as much of these dangerous chemicals and contaminants as possible.  Fortunately, with the Austin Air Healthmate, Jr., you can rid yourself of a wide range of chemical vapors.  

Not only does the Austin Air Healthmate Jr. clean the air of harmful vapors for more than 30 square feet around it proper.  This version of the Healthmate is just as powerful as when it comes to taking the harmful chemicals we breathe out of the air and holding them for nearly 700 square feet of space wherever you choose to locate it. 

Regardless of your health sensitivity, whether it's a desire to rid the air of particles that upset alergies, or your wariness of the unseen poisons that lurk from your home products--detergents and other products or even the materials that make up your home itself, the Austin Air Healthmate Jr. is one of the most efficient and effective air purifiers on the home appliance market today.  It removes virtually all of the chemicals from the air as well as sub-micron debris, chemicals, and harmful gases--all in a room of 125 cubic feet or less.  

There are only a limited number of air purifiers that can compete with this model.  Few others can scrub the air clean of so many contaminants so thoroughly as the Austin Air Healthmate Jr.  Plus, the only air purifier that forces environmental air through such high degrees of activated charcoal in order to achieve such a high level of medical grade purification.

With the Austin Air Healthmate Jr., the air you breathe will be free of virtually all of the harmful chemicals and impurities that affect your health and that of those you love.  No other air purifier is capable of so much, and it's all guaranteed for all mechanical parts and filters.  It's everything you need for more healthful living.

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