About "BEST" easels

About "BEST" easelsWe carry a wide range of BEST Easels created by Richeson Art Supplies. They are some of the highest quality easels in the world, and are built to last. All BEST easels are made of sanded and oiled red oak and are hand built by the USA craftsmen at BEST.
NEW Best Lifetime Guarantee – BEST offers a lifetime guarantee for easel parts for the entire time that you own your taboret or easel!
BEST sets the standard for quality and workmanship when it comes to easel construction. The easels are very functional and aesthetically pleasing, and they are designed to be incredibly stable. Each easel is the final product of several different concepts coming together into the best possible easel design.
Premium hardware is used to construct the easels, and they are designed to keep artwork secure. Oak has turned out to be the best choice for easel wood because of how sturdy it is, and how well it keeps the screws and glue used to construct the easel secure.
Purchase a BEST easel and rest assured that you are buying one of the highest quality and well-designed easels available anywhere. Each easel also comes with a limited lifetime warranty that will provide replacement parts for normal wear and tear of the easel. Without a doubt they are an excellent choice for any artist who wants a high quality and resilient easel that will last.

BEST Easels Super-Sale - these Highest Quality World-Famous Artist's Easels & Furniture now at these terrific sale prices! BEST Lifetime Guarantee! Best guarantees your easel parts for as long as you own your easel or taboret!

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