about Artograph Art Projectors

The beauty of these projectors allow you to focus on reconstructing what you projected onto a surface.  You can concentrate on developing your vision instead of trying to draw.  You can trace the object or image then make it your own.  Artograph projects let you enlarge images and make poster sized pictures or murals.  Anchor your canvas with attachments included with your projector so you can trace and recreate with ease.  The superior lighting gives clarity and sharpness to really help bring your artwork to life.

With Artograph projectors the designer has the capability to shrink images and objects to create a series of images or collage.  With the capability to enlarge and minimize you can truly recreate your own design.  The brilliance of the light helps you maintain control of the many lines and angles in your selected projected piece.  Use with your drawing to gain greater lighting for a more detailed look.  The many uses make this a must have for all crafters and artist.

Since 1947 Artograph has delivered tools to make your creativity easier.  Their mission is to bring you a quality product that you can enjoy over and over again.

Artograph Art Projectors allow you to create art easier.  Their projectors and light boxes reflect images onto your chosen canvas so you can trace it.  That is a beauty of their projector product.  With the help of Artograph you can enjoy creating no matter what your level of artistic talent is.

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