DOCUMENTARY REVIEW: Zimbabwe: Music with a Past Video (DVD)

DOCUMENTARY REVIEW: Zimbabwe: Music with a Past Video (DVD) (This is a description of this BBC documentary. It is available in libraries. However, it has been discontinued by the producer and is no longer for sale.)

A music documentary showcasing Zimbabwe music coming from its regional melting pot. Featured musicians include Ephat Mujuru and Biggie Tembo. Through these musicians you get to see one of Zimbabwe’s musical style called Ngorimba—a musical genre that reflect Zimbabwe’s troubled past of colonialism, liberation, and political disturbance.

Featuring live performances that highlight the use of conventional African instruments, including the hosho (rattles), ngoma (drums), and mbira. The video is a collection of many old Zimbabwe songs that have been translated into English. They provide an insight into Zimbabwe culture—both past and present.

Zimbabwe: Music with a Past Video (DVD) combines conventional Zimbabwean tunes with a contemporary African sound. This music documentary highlighting Zimbabwe’s past music is produced by the BBC team. The DVD plays for 61 minutes.

If you want to learn about Zimbabwe musical history that reflects about the country's colonialism, liberation and political disturbance - this is your program..

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