Poster Paint


Poster paints are available at Madison, even though they may be difficult to find elsewhere. These paints are perfect for high school projects, home school, for all beginners and adults who want to develop their creative technique. The paints are bright in color and completely washable on all fabrics and surfaces, so they are great for home use.

Poster paint is easy to use, and typically has all the primary colors: red, yellow and blue, black, green and white. Our poster paint is high-quality and does not fade or run when applied. Poster paint adheres to paper, cardboard, wood, plastic and other surfaces, which allows everyone to enjoy painting with poster paints.

The poster paint sets have all the primary colors included, so they are very convenient when ordering. These sets and the other qualities of poster paint make it a favorite paint for beginners, and the reasonable rate makes them a favorite when ordering.

Poster paints are a simple and easy way to express your creativity with a quick clean-up when finished.

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