Summer Vacation Series of Top Ten Museums and Galleries to Visit

Summer Vacation Series of Top Ten Museums and Galleries to VisitThis one will kick of our summer vacation series of top ten museums and galleries to visit this summer:

1) Be an explorer this summer and visit NatGeo's top 10 Museums and Galleries this summer.
Leading the picks is the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. (Colloquially known as The Smithsonian "Institute." However, the exact name is "Institution.") Check out the link for details and more fun places to visit.
Top 10 Museums and Galleries -- National Geographic: travel.nationalgeographic .com/travel/top-10/museum-galleries/#page=1
(The image is actually The Louvre Museum as seen through the Louvre Pyramid glass in Paris, France - # 2 on National Geographic Top 10 Best Museums list - Yay USA! We're #1! - Sorry, I do not have an image of the Smithsonian - It is the world’s largest research and museum complex, with 19 museums and galleries!)
I actually haven't been there since I was a kid with a youth group trip, but I will never forget it! I loved it and want to take my family this summer!

2) Tuesday Trip Pick! Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh PA. All ages enjoy this Museum.
There are many art cultural things to do and see in Pittsburgh Pa.

More to come!

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