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Tom Lynch is known for the unusual, dramatic lighting that he creates in his paintings, which gives them a distinctive romantic feel. His exquisite use of vivid color captures the essence of the scene, making viewers feel as though they're watching it unfold right before their eyes.

For the past two and a half decades, Lynch has been teaching students worldwide. He is well regarded for his open, honest teaching style. Students feel at ease and appreciate the fact that he caters his lessons to their individual needs. You experience the same intensity, moods, and instant appeal in his classes as you do with his paintings.

Lynch has created five award winning PBS series and numerous other videos about painting. He has also written six watercolor books. Three- and five-DVD sets are available for purchase as well as one of his watercolor books and two of his paint sets.

Use renown artist Tom Lynch's recommended products and instructional books and videos to take your painting to the next level!

Whether Tom Lynch's subjects be of secluded woods, a sparkling winter day, a turbulent sky or a serene lake, Tom has developed the skill to capture that essence on paper.
Tom Lynch is more than someone with a dream. "To acknowledge my dreams and give them validity, I take action," he explains. Always anticipating the next feeling, the next mood, the next intriguing subject, Tom has that special ability, shared by all great artists, to take an ordinary subject and bring out its extraordinary qualities, imbuing even the most humble subject with a quiet grandeur or robust majesty.
Perhaps it is in technique that Tom shows his greatest genius. Using several varieties of spray bottles, sometimes an electric eraser and always a lot of bravura, Tom lifts off and melts away the paint, producing the type of ethereal, light quality that is associated with the Old Masters. In Tom's books, TV series, tapes and workshops he taps into the creative process, prodding the creative instinct, gently pushing the student to explore and fulfill his or her own artistic abilities; many of whom have become successful professionals.

Tom's credentials include: election into the illustrious "Society of American Impressionists", "Who's Who in American Art" and "Signature Membership" in many national watercolor societies. Tom was honored with a one-man exhibition in the American Embassy in Paris, France. He has been cited in numerous publications including American Artist Magazine, International Artist Magazine and the Wall Street Journal. Tom's video production won a Bronze Award in the "Telly" Competition, which focuses on video production, and compares to the Academy Award Program. Some of Tom's numerous awards include "Landscape Artist of the Year", "The Municipal Art League of Chicago Award of Excellence for 2001", and he was the first American selected for Honorary Membership in the "Canadian Watercolor Society". Tom was the featured artist for the men's, women's, and senior's U'S. Open Golf Championships and several PGA events and tournaments. Much of his work has been published and some of his best paintings are available in Limited Edition prints. It is no surprise that his paintings are included in private and corporate collections throughout the world.

With Tom Lynch, painting is a passionate commitment to looking at and capturing a special experience from the landscape. Tom's paintings more than report the philosophical literary facts and descriptive elements, but rather express the moods, feelings, and emotions of the place. It is more about the expression rather than the description of the subject matter that Tom wants to embellish in his paintings for all to experience and enjoy.

Welcome to the watercolor world of Tom Lynch -
and let him lead you on an exciting watercolor adventure in color, contrast, and light!

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