Table Top Easels

Table Top Easels

Looking for an easel that won't take much space? Not ready to invest in a floor standing easel? Table top easels are a great choice. Much smaller i overall size than their standing counterparts, they work well on any flat surface and can save a lot of room both when working on a piece and in general storage. 

Table top easels come in a variety of different sizes as well as materials. Wood and aluminum are often the most commonly found. Wood is a heavier, great for bigger pieces and heavy canvas. Meanwhile alumium is lightweight and easier to move around.

Prices range from budget friendly to more expensive, depending on quality, build, and use. Table top easels also include travel easels, which are great for students. In general, table top easels are preferred for classroom use when space is minimal.

Find the perfect tabletop easel for your art needs with our wide selection.

Need an easel but don't have much space? Check out our tabletop easels that work on any flat surface.

.Why Table Top Easels?
• Great for plein air painting out of a vehicle
• Light for students who need to bring an easel with them
• Easily packed to use for store or conference displays
• Inexpensive and very versatile
• Great for artists who have no floor space!

Table Top Easels - Best Easel

Tabletop Easels
What is a tabletop easel?
If you do not have room in your home for an easel, you may want to consider purchasing a tabletop easel. They can be placed on your kitchen table and folded up and put away when you are finished painting. Tabletop easels are the choice of many painters who simply do not have the available space for a floor easel.

BEST Easel
We have a large selection of tabletop easels including The Deluxe Table Top Easel by BEST Easel made in the USA of Solid American Oak.

TableTop Easels

Table top easels are easy to use and ideal for artists without the space for a normal upright easel. Tabletop easels are a practical alternative for child artists as they can be used on any table top surface. Tabletop art easels are lightweight and strong. They can be great for standing or sitting and fold away for easy transportation and storage.

Not all budding artists can afford a studio to work in. A great solution is a good table top easel. It´s a functional and clever way to make the most of the space you have available. Art supply stores have come up with a lot of interesting variations on the classic wooden easel. Table top easels have the benefit of not needing a lot of space for storage. At the same time, they still give you the work room you need.

Of course the other great thing about a table top easel is you can paint while you´re sitting down. It may not be the classic image of the artist standing in front of a wooden easel, but it sure is kind to the feet. We´re not quite at the point of the pull out sleeper easel, but it´s still a step in the right direction. This is just one more example of how many options in art supplies the modern artist has. Painting easels come in many different styles for many different budgets. So whether you´re in the market for an easel with a built in storage unit, or just a functional easel for working, you can find the right one for you at wholesale art supply prices.

When space to work is an issue, a tabletop easel can save the day. They take up no floor space, and can be folded up and put away when not needed. Tabletop easels work best with smaller painting.

Large canvasses, especially vertical ones will tip the easel over. But perhaps the biggest issue with large paintings on tabletop easels is that you can't comfortably sit and paint. And if you have to stand and bend down over your canvas, your inspiration might disappear.

TableTop Easels
Is a TableTop easels for me?
If you love to paint but have trouble standing, you should opt for a tabletop easel. Tabletop easels are very functional and they are just a simple variation on the classic easel. They can be folded up and put away when you are not working. The best thing about tabletop easels is that it allows you to be seated while you paint. This is a great option for anyone who has back or leg problems.
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