BEST Rapid Canvas Stretching Stapler

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For the optimal in canvas stretching, it is necessary to have the right stapler. The BEST Rapid Canvas Stretching Stapler is a heavy duty stapler that allows an artist to work with BEST stretcher bars to get just the right amount of tautness to their canvas. 

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 BEST Hvy-Duty Rapid Canvas Stretching Stapler #895002: $49.99
 BEST Hvy-Duty Rapid Canvas Stretching Stapler w/STAPLES (box/5000) #895002&895003 - $69.98

Product Description:

The construction industry is responsible for the design of the heavy duty BEST Rapid Canvas Stretching Stapler. For those artists that prefer to stretch their own canvases, they know they need the right tools in order to make their creative time productive. By using the right tools, artists can help make their canvas stretching experience one that is strain and frustration free. Ergonomically designed so that the artist is using the right form while stretching their canvas, this tool works well with BEST stretcher bars. This stretching stapler takes BEST Rapid Staples in the 5/16" (8mm) x 3/8" (10.6mm) size. 

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Placerville, CA
February 16, 2012

I ordered this stapler as I thought it might be better then the staplers I have gotten from hardware stores to stretch canvas. I thought that it would be a better product from an art supplier. Save your money and go to a hardware store. This product is no better in fact worse then staplers I have gotten from Home Depot for less money. It amazes me that this is advertised as a "heavy duty canvas stretching stapler'. That is ridiculous to say the least!

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