Spectrum Easels

Offered in a variety of different heights and widths, the highly acclaimed Spectrum easels made by Klopfenstein will help you with any of your art or presentation needs. The sturdy steel construction makes these a line of easels that will not fall or disassemble while working with them. They are fully assembled and ready to use straight out of the box. The Spectrum line is a bit lighter than the standard Klopfenstein easel, making them easy to move and maneuver around the room without difficulty. They are fully adjustable, making it easy to switch the size of the canvas you are using at any moment. They are constructed with the recreational artist in mind, allowing a mix of versatility, durability and simplicity at a cost that is competitive. These easels would make a great addition to any artist's tools or school's inventory.

The Spectrum easel line offers durable, lightweight, easy-to-adjust easels at a competitive price.

The Spectrum Collection of art equipment is:

•Affordable •Durable •Versatile •Elegant

Easy to use, easy to assemble and made to last.

The Spectrum Collection is a new line of affordable art equipment created especially by Klopfenstein Art Equipment - the leader in innovative welded steel art equipment for over 50 years! Spectrum is a lighter duty line of welded and bolted steel construction (compared to our heavy duty, all welded Klopfenstien line). It has been designed, and is being manufactured to Klopfenstien's usual high standards of quality, simplicity, versatility, and durability, to provide outstanding performance in it's price category. Though the Spectrum line was developed with the hobby and recreational artist in mind, it's simple design features, and durable steel construction, make it an excellent choice for many school art departments as well.

Spectrum easels ship via UPS.

–Better-Built by Klopfenstein–

Spectrum is a new line of steel art equipment products, developed and currently in production by Klopfenstein Art Equipment. The Spectrum line was conceived and developed to
offer our customers a lighter duty, lower cost alternative to our acclaimed Klopfenstein line — yet designed and built to our traditional Klopfenstein standards of quality, durability, simplicity and versatility.

During the “imagineering” phase of Spectrum’s development, Klopfenstein analyzed and evaluated a broad range of competitive products. We rated them on a value scale of “overall performance per dollar cost”, based on criteria such as: adjustability, simplicity, versatility, durability and ease of assembly (including illustrated, simple assembly instructions, written in plain
English). Klopfenstein then set about developing our own completely new line of steel art equipment products that would fulfill the promise of “affordable quality.” Klopfenstein named it “The Spectrum Collection by Klopfenstein.”
To control costs on the new Spectrum line, Klopfenstein opted to use thinner gage tubing (compared to their Klopfenstein line — yet still, almost twice the thickness of competitor brands) and decided on a welded and bolted construction method instead of the all welded construction
of our Klopfenstein line of equipment. Klopfenstein added extra strength and durability by designing the Spectrum easel products so that bolt-on elements are attached to a strong “spine” comprised of a rigidly welded top cross bar and center upright sub-assembly. To make easel assembly “short & simple” for our customers, and build in additional strength, they pre-weld threaded studs to the uprights which fasten securely to the cross bars with self-locking nuts.
The result is an all inclusive line of superior, ”Made In The USA”, studio equipment that we believe offers our customers their best value choice for “overall performance per dollar cost” in its price category.
All Spectrum products are proudly made entirely in the Klopfenstein shop here in Lexington, Ohio.


•Affordable •Durable •Versatile •Elegant

Almost fifty years ago James and William Klopfenstein began development of a line of easels and potter's wheels especially designed for the needs of the working artist. Their aim was to build rugged, long lasting equipment that was simple and versatile. The Klopfenstein brothers are artists themselves and have advanced degrees in both Design and Industrial Arts. Working closely with a major state university, they used their unique combination of talent and education to develop art equipment that was superior to any they had found or used before. Each step of the design and development process was tested and evaluated by professors and art students. Finally, after many months of trials and improvements they felt satisfied with their designs and began production.

In 2007, after reviewing the current products, and their competitors, they realized that there was an entire market out there that was unable or unwilling to purchase the Klopfenstein equipment due to cost. The Spectrum line was developed by taking competitive pieces, seeing what was not very well done, and doing it better.

While not mass-produced, Klopfenstein equipment and the Spectrum equipment is carefully machine and hand crafted of heavy gauge steel for a lifetime of use. Every Klopfenstein easel and potter's wheel is manufactured entirely in our shop. Spectrum does all of the bending, shearing, punching, welding, painting and assembly right here in the USA - Lexington, Ohio! This is the best way to control quality and ensure our ability to provide replacement parts for our equipment.

Klopfenstein-Spectrum's original product designs, and ongoing improvements are uniquely customer driven. Their long tradition of quality and pride in their work drives their desire to improve our products wherever possible. Many of the best ideas for improvements come directly from their customers, and they actively seek their customer's suggestions and comments.

Klopfenstein art equipment has proven its reputation of quality and durability with art schools and professionals in the all parts of the USA, Canada and South America.
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