Sign Making

If you're looking for an all-in-one SAWTRAX package or you're looking for some display stands, we've got you covered.  We offer SAWTRAX panel saws that save space but do a great job cutting your signs. The SAWTRAX panel saws are also great for cutting mats and other materials. You can cut both horizontally and vertically without the fiddly backer boards.

But an artist does not live on painting alone.  Sometimes you've got a business to run.  And what better business than to make signs for your clients?  After all, signs can be artsy as well!  These SAWTRAX packages are a complete sign maker's package to cut and fit the sign.  We also carry SAWTRAX components such as blades to cut aluminum and plastic, upgrades to the dust collection system, and an upgrade to the roller bearings.  SAWTRAX is the sign of the times!

A sign of the times: make your own signs!

Sawtrax uses a 15 amp. Porter Cable saw, the most powerful saw in its class. We have a dust hook up with a hose as standard equipment to save clean up time. You can see our saw blade to line up a cut with a mark on your material, something you can't do with other panel saws. We have a blade lock for fast and easy saw blade changes when cutting different materials. A carbide tooth saw blade is standard on our machine. We offer an additional 2 piece saw blade package for cutting aluminum and plastics.

Floor space is at a premium for most shops. That is what makes our panel saws so popular. Our Compact model can be expanded later into a full size machine should the need occur. The knife option saves the cost and floor space of an additional mat cutter.

The Saw Trax Panel Systems is the only Panel Saw that offers an optional Knife Cutter that can cut vertically and horizontally. Unlike "The Other Guys" there is no need to attach and remove a backer board to make our knife work. This option will save you the need for a mat cutter costing 10 times as much and it will save the floor space required for a mat cutter.

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