Schoenhut® CHILDREN'S PIANOS & Other Musical Instruments

Considered the “Steinway” of toy pianos, Schoenhut children’s pianos have a fascinating history. The earliest toy pianos came from Germany and worked by strikers hitting glass bars to make the tones. For more durability, Albert Schoenhut substituted metal bars for the glass ones. Albert Schoenhut moved from Germany to Philadelphia in 1866, at the age of seventeen, because he had a job offer to repair toy pianos imported from Germany.

Albert Schoenhut started The A. Schoenhut Company in 1872. The company has been handcrafting toy pianos ever since, for more than one-hundred and forty years. Albert died in 1912, however the company continued. The Schoenhut pianos became so popular that by 1917, the A. Schoenhut Company distributed a catalog with ten-pages of upright and baby grand miniature pianos. By 1934, the A. Schoenhut Company offered over forty different models. Schoenhut pianos from those earliest years are now prized antique collectibles.

Schoenhut miniature pianos qualify as professional instruments for children!

These are specialty items. Real miniaturized Pianos and other Musical Instruments with true professional sound. However, buit in children sizes, so your toddler or child can reach the keys. Think Schroeder from Charlie Brown's Peanuts! Amazing!. (Not Art Supplies)

Teaching Children to Play Piano Properly
Besides delighting children as they learn to play the piano, the keys on Schoenhut miniature pianos have the same width and placement as found on adult-sized pianos. This means children learn to stretch their fingers and play properly. Schoenhut pianos come with an easy learning system that includes a color-coded guide strip to place above the keys. This makes it fun for children to learn favorite songs. Depending on the size of the piano chosen, Schoenhut pianos have a range from one and a half to three octaves.

Schoenhut Miniature Pianos are Professional Instruments
Starting in the 1940s, professionals like John Cage composed songs for playing on Schoenhut pianos. John Cage’s “Suite for Toy Pianos” debuted in 1948. Other musicians use them in live concert performances. Margaret Leng Tan played Schoenhut pianos at a live concert at Carnegie Hall. She also used them on her 1997 CD called “The Art of the Toy Piano."

Create a Neighborhood Children’s Orchestra
Other miniature instruments include drums, harps, electric guitars and acoustic guitars. These are great for setting up a neighborhood musical ensemble so that children learn how to practice and play music together.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
A Schoenhut miniature instrument helps children learn to play it. Schoenhut miniature pianos are great for avant-garde musical composition or as an eye-catcher in live performances. Many people collect them for their charm. Schoenhut miniature instruments have a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. Each one is handmade with quality materials that last. Their design has no safety problems for children of all ages.

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