PRODUCT REVIEW: Gerstner Retro Purses

PRODUCT REVIEW: Gerstner Retro PursesPRODUCT REVIEW: Gerstner Retro Purses (This item was discontinued by the manufacturer in January '16 and is no longer available new. It may be found second-hand as quite a collectors' item.)

What makes Gerstner Retro Purses appealing is their elegant and eye-catching retro style. They are crafted with only the finest woods such as alluring American Cherry, Quartersawn White Oak, or Natural Black Walnut. Their handles are made of soft but sturdy leather for easy carry to any destination in the world. Additionally, each purse has a mirror inside for a quick peek-a-boo makeup session.

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There are plenty of reasons for you to purchase a Gerstner Retro Purse. One reason is individuality. While everyone else is walking around with a flimsy canvas or faux leather purse, you could be walking around with a tiny piece of history. Theses purses will bring attention whether you are on the go or in your home. You can place one on top of your antique oak furniture as a special accent. You can set one on your dresser and use it as jewelry box. Alternatively, you can purchase one for a person that you truly adore. Items are going fast, so you may want to grab one of these collector’s items today before they run out.

The purses have enough space to accommodate beauty products, stationary items, tools or anything that a purse lover would like to conceal fashionably.

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The ultimate accessory for the unique-fashion conscious and playful individual.
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