Visitor's Email and Art on Rapidograph Pens & on Joisey

From: James Humberg
Sent: Wednesday, August 27, 2014 7:58 PM
Subject: Rapidograph technical pen replacement parts!!

Dear Sirs:

I have a set of Rapidograph pens over thirty years old and well used! Now my problem....These are the gray model, that the pen and ink cartridge screw in and out, you can service the pen point and the plastic attachable ink well! My ink wells are getting pretty raggy and brittle. Some even have some sort of glue I placed on them....Waaaaaaaay back in the 70ís. to keep the ink in!

Google is idiotic, and when I type my request for rapidograph replacement parts, they come up with a complete set with an explanation of itís need for ink! No parts or directions to where I can go to get just the plastic ink well....Now do I have to give you measurements for your edification? They are 1 15/16thĒ long, 3/8thĒ O.D. where it connects to the pen, 9/32ndĒ I.D....they are frosty translucent plastic....Please donít try to sell me these for anything more that $.50-$.75 each! Iíll buy a new set before paying too much! If you canít supply me with the desired part, please direct me to a National distributor! THANKS. Here is a Grasshopper doodle for your entertainement, that I drew back in 1979, at Idaho State University.

James Humberg
Spokane, WA. 99205

From: James Humberg
Sent: Wednesday, August 27, 2014 8:45 PM
Subject: I forgot to mention Koh-i-Noor Rapidograph

Dear Sirs:

Connect this to my last email for parts for my Rapidograph pens! Iím a retired Illustrator from the BOEING CO. Seattle, WA.

I just noticed that you are located in Joisey! Ha Ha!

I was Stationed on US Coast Guard BASE Governorís Island, back in 1970-1973, and even walked with a friend, all the way to Cheesquake State Park, over the Outerbridge crossing!

WE were lost, but eventually found a bus back to Staten Island! Taa-Daa!

I noticed that we were in the Aberdeen township!

I was born in Aberdeen, Washington....Waaaaaaaaay over here in Washington A.C. on the Left Coast! Ha Ha!

Washington A.C. translates out to mean Almost Civilized! Except when we are fighting off the Indians trying to steal our Horses! Thatís when we call in the Cavalry!

WE all carry Colt 45ís and chew Tabbacky in our Saloons....after we finish up herding the cattle and slaughtering the Hogs! WE just got our first T.V. last year...It were a new Black and White Philco! Itís perty with them shiny Rabbit Ears an all!

Here I iz on Governorís Island, 1971 I were pert-near 21 by then! I had to write home back then via...Western Union, as we hadínt got our telephone yet, and Western Union was just hookin up the wires to the West! Hereís a sketch of Dadís truck...It needed a bit of fixiní as you can tell, before we could run into town, to get out vittles for dinner.

By the way this email is strictly tongue-in-cheek! And yes! I am an artist, and chronically Left Handed! Here is a perspective drawing from my Illustration Class, and a couple illustrations from my stint at Boeing! ENJOY THE HUMOR! And donít forget what this letter is all about....Koh-i-Noor replacement parts!

Stay tuned
James Humberg
Spokane, WA.

From: Madison Art Shop
To: James Humberg
Sent: Thursday, August 28, 2014 1:42 AM
Subject: Fw: Rapidograph technical pen replacement parts!!

Dear James,

I'm sorry. We only carry these 3 Rapidograph sets:
Alvin Rapidograph 7-Pen Tech Pen Set
Alvin Rapidograph 7-Pen Tech Pen Set
Koh-I-Noorģ Rapidographģ 7-Pen Artist Set

We do not carry the ink-well part.

I checked with the national distributor. They too only sell sets or complete pens - no parts.

May we post your art and emails?


From: digiphot2 .
Sent: Thursday, August 28, 2014 4:13 AM
Subject: Re: Fw: I forgot to mention Koh-i-Noor Rapidograph

Dear Jacob:

Yes you may publish my letter and pictures. I noticed that I have included two house drawings Please feel free to remove one of them...Oops!
I hope I made a few of you Easterner's smile with my exposť of the Wild West! And I fear that some might just believe it, because some haven't been further West than Bayonne! Ha Ha!

And I suppose that some out here may think that the Mayflower is still ferrying people back and forth to England! Go Figg'r! I have included a recent photo of me for reference purposes, about what a really Left handed Westerner looks like!

Here are a couple more of Me,my medals and decorations, back in 1976 and my ship...

The U.S.Coast Guard Cutter Campbell, WHEC-32 (Decommissioned 1982)

James Humberg
Storekeeper Third Class
Vietnam Era Disabled Veteran

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