Prismacolor Pencils Lay it Down Smooth

Prismacolor Pencils Lay it Down Smooth
by Tyler Stenson

I was addicted to Prismacolor colored pencils virtually from the first time I laid my hands on them. Growing up, my sister and I colored. A lot. Both of us would become very frustrated with frequently broken leads, colors that just “sat” on top of the paper—and each other, and “scritches and scratches” in the middle of our art projects. I can’t exactly remember the first time I used Prismacolor pencils, I just know that I was immediately hooked. They were so smooth. And creamy! The colors were intense and subtle and vibrant and true all at the same time. I felt like I was almost using another medium such as pastels, or chalk compared to the colored pencils I had become accustom to. The pigment actually “attached itself” to the paper like it should. And the blending capabilities? They were fantastic.

Colored pencils are one of the most versatile and easily manipulated of all the art mediums. The smoothness and ease of the color laydown with Prismacolor pencils helps you take your art to a whole new level. The layering and blending capabilities are truly amazing. Painters layer their pigments to reduce the harshness of a single pigment, to add richness, depth and complexity, to develop or build texture and to create new colors as needed in their work. You can achieve the same effects with colored pencils. Beginners, students and professional artists love the controllability of this medium and unlike paints colored pencils are ideal for hassle-free portability and immediacy (no drying time!).

Prismacolor pencils are worth the price. You can find small, medium and large sets at almost any quality art retailer and the colors offered in these collections are typical of what you would need for almost any project. If you want to add colors to your collection, or replace single pigments you tend to burn through the quickest, many art suppliers sell them singly as well.

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