Pre-Filter 6000

When you have the AllerAir 6000 air purifier in your studio, you want to make sure to put a new pre-filter 6000 in periodically so that it can filter out all of the particles, leaving your air cleaner and better to breathe than ever before.

Item Code: AA-pre-filter-6000-8-pk

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Sale-Price: $99.98
You Save: $33.40 (25%)

Product Description:

If you suffer from allergies, it can be a bear to sit anywhere in your studio. You can’t get your work done if you’re always sneezing, which is why the AllerAir 6000 air purifier is such a great choice. There are multiple filters on the purifier to help sort out particles, remove the bacteria, and kill any micro-organisms that can cause you to be sick. The pre-filter 6000 8-pk makes it easy to switch out filters so that you are always breathing in the cleanest air.

The filters will help with:

-           Removing odors

-           Trapping micro-organisms

-           Collecting dust and other particles

Think about how much more enjoyable it will be to work in your studio when you don’t have dust and dirt and bacteria in the air. The pre-filter 6000 8-pk gives you plenty of filters. 

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