AllerAir 4000-Series Pre-Filter 8 Pack

Filtering air is essential in both homes and work places. Having the right filter and pre-filter is essential to insure that users have the cleanest air possible when it finally comes through the filtering process. The pre-filter-4000-8-pk is great for users that want an affordable pre-filter that takes out large particulates.

Item Code: AA-pre-filter-4000-8-pk

Sale-Price: $59.98

Product Description:

Replacement filters for the AllerAir 4000 Series Air Purifiers. 8 pcs. (Machine sold separately.)

Filtering processes are essential in homes and work places across the globe. These advanced filtering systems feature filters, pre-filters, and micro filters. Pre-filters like the pre-filter-4000-8-pk are used to remove the large particulates from the air prior to more advanced filtration. The process starts with the removal of large particles that float around in the air. These pre-filters remove large pieces of pollution to make the further filtering of air possible by other filters. After the large particles are removed, air can move on to the next filter stages to make for air that is well filtered and perfect for breathing and working in. Without pre-filters, more advanced filters like HEPA and micro filters would not be able to process the particulates that circulate in most air.

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