GAGNE Porta-Trace Stainless Steel LIGHT BOXES - LED

GAGNE Porta-Trace Stainless Steel LIGHT BOXES - LED
Brightest lightbox available, the only one made with LED and stainless steel.
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Model Number, Size, Number of LED Modules, Price: 
 #1012-1L 10 X 12 in., 3 modules: $44.99
 #1012-2L 10 X 12 in., 8 modules: $76.99
 #1118-1L 11 X 18 in., 6 modules: $98.99
 #1118-2L 11 X 18 in., 12 modules: $169.99
 #1618L 16 X 18 in., 18 modules: $289.99
 #1824L 18 X 24 in., 21 modules: $399.99
 #2436L 24 X 36 in., 44 modules: $569.99
 #3648L 36 X 48 in., 60 modules: $1,559.99

Product Description:
Porta-Trace Stainless Steel LIGHT BOXES - LED Brightest available LED lightbox, which reduces glare and hotspots, while diffusing light evenly. Made of a three inch stainless steel frame, the Porta-Trace stainless steel LED lightbox is made to last. The bulbs also have lasting power of up to 50,000 hours and with an LED, they use very little energy. You don't have to worry about differences in electrical outlets in other countries, the lightbox has CE and RoHS so you can order from anywhere. The top is made with Plexiglas, which is shatter resistant. You can use the lightbox for tracing, drawing, embossing, quality inspection, and many other uses. Made in the USA. Input 90-264 Vac., 50/60 Hz. Comes with a three year warranty.

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4.8 out of 5, Based on 6 Reviews.
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Stamford, CT
October 02, 2014

This light box is perfect for sketching and reviewing drawings. We love this and it has gotten continuous use since we got it - about 2 weeks now!!!
The light is very bright and even across the entire surface. I highly recommend this product! Thanks
May 09, 2014

This site had the best price for the size light box I was looking for (11" x 17" or larger).
Marine, MN
February 26, 2013

Great for applique quilting as well as paper crafts. Great quality!
Miami Beach, FL
March 28, 2011

Cheapest I've found online.
Austin, TX
February 21, 2011

I am very happy with the light board, though I think it is overpriced for the size.
February 28, 2008

The ability to trace is important in many artistic endeavors.  With a Porta-Trace 24X36 light box, you can handle the job anywhere you go.

Whether you are tracing a piece of artwork, working on a layout, or looking at negatives, slides, photo cells and more, having the ability to see things clearly is important.  Fortunately, with the Porta-Trace 24X36 light box, you can not only do the job, but you can do it anywhere.  Unlike times in the past where you were confined to an office or studio due to the size and weight of your light table,  with the Porta-Trace 24X36 light box, you are not only unencumbered by what you can do, but also where you can do it.  Its stainless steel case helps by protecting the workings inside, and the opaque surface of the table allows a soft light that does not produce hot spots, just cool, soft light.  There's also a flip-down stand that allows for convenient use of your light source either flat or at an agle.

Make sure you have the best set up possible to maximize your time spent on your projects and reduce wasted time and effort- use the Porta-Trace Light Box 11X18 and discover the difference!

Whether you are drafting up blue prints for a new addition to your home, mapping out your new landscape project, or working on some other project, you want to make sure you have the best equipment available.

The quality of your work will be directly related to the quality of your work area, and the light box offers an excellent resource that can help you achieve your end results.

No need to sacrifice quality for the sake of having a less than ideal work area. Use the Porta-Trace Light Box 11X18 set up and see how much better your end result will be!

The compact design makes it easy to pack and store when not in use and the light weight set up is easy to carry with you so you can work wherever inspiration may hit!

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