Light tables and Light Boxes

Light Boxes and Light Tables are an indispensible part of an artist’s toolbox. Highly versatile and fun to experiment with, photo light boxes are one of our favorite tools here at Madison Art Shop. Browse our light boxes for drawing, sculpting, crafts and more to find a light box that suits your needs. We have an incredible selection of the highest quality light boxes by industry leading manufacturers, including Artograph, Alvin, Porta-Trace, Gagne and many, many more. However, unlike your big-box art stores, Madison Art Shop is family owned and operated, and we are dedicated to providing you the art tools you need for reasonable prices. You will find exceptional quality photo light boxes, hand selected by the artists at Madison Art Shop, for all budgets and needs.

Professional illustrators and graphic artists can refine and display the precision of their work with a light box.

When artists require accurate results in illustration, a light box offers the solution to precision in sketching and display. One of the simplest solutions to creating perfect detail in drawing, a light box is a portable and effective method of creating beautiful work. Sketch and present the brilliance behind the concept with a light box.

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Light boxes are for more than just drawing and tracing! Photo light boxes can be used for a wide range of applications including (but not limited to): scrapbooking, embossing, stenciling, jewelry making (it provides direct light, so you can plainly see the intricate bits and pieces) and so much more.

A light box is a tablet or briefcase-shaped object that is usually lightweight and portable for easy transport. Unlike light tables that are heavier and more stationary, photo light boxes are a less expensive and more versatile alternative. There are quite a few artists who try to make their own light boxes at home, and for the craftier individuals this is not always a bad idea. However, creating your own light box at home is tricky and will often yield less-than-ideal results.

Light boxes consist of a frame (sometimes wood, but more often lightweight aluminum) with heavy backing (to hold the lights) and a frosted glass or plexiglass cover. A series of bulbs are wired into the backing. For best results, when using a light box you want to have evenly distributed lighting. Homemade light boxes for drawing often have uneven lighting and hot spots that can discolor paper or photos. Professionally manufactured light boxes use diffusers and various lighting to achieve this critical even glow. Additionally, the cost of making a high quality light box is comparable to purchasing one (especially with the prices at Madison Art Shop). If you need assistance choosing the correct light box for your needs, contact our knowledgeable representatives.

Photo Light Boxes for Drawing

LightBoxes for all your tracing projects and more! An indispensable tool for sketching!
Lightboxes backlight your pictures, patterns, designs and photographs for tracing, scrapbooking, embossing and stenciling.

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