Porta-Trace Light Box 10X12

Regardless of what your graphic arts job is, whether your need is for tracing, layouts, or many other tasks where you need to superimpose a graphic, a Porta-Trace Light Box 10X12 will prove just the thing to give you what you need.  The Porta-Trace Light Box features a strong aluminum case that can take practically any abuse you wish to dish out to it.  And not only will the case stand up to wear and tear, but it will ensure that the plexiglass top, lights, and everything else inside will stay protected as well.  The opaque top allows maximum light to show through for your jobs without hotspots or other effects that will distort your work.  Further, the 10X12 top gives you plenty of layout room for you to work on.

I've used these.  They work like a charm.

Porta-Trace Light Box 10X12 makes tracing and other layout tasks a snap, and easy to move wherever you need it.

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