P'kolino Play Furniture

P'kolino Play Furniture is a fantastic collection of children furniture that will meet the adventurist expectations of a child's mind as well as the overall size of their youthful bodies. It was P’kolino founders who realized the puzzling truth that play furniture, for children, were not fully suitable for kids. They were just sold to them. Therefore, the designers at P’kolino create exciting solutions to meet the needs of your children and the furniture they play with. Those designs are comfortable, functional and sturdy enough to withstand typical, child ware and tear. Though this is a collection of cool, modern decor, P’kolino Play Furniture is specially engineered for children. Among such items for your child’s playtime are Table and Chair combinations, an Art Easel, small Reading Sets, a Kube Drawer, A Silly Soft Seat or a wooden Clothes Tree. The Silly Soft Seat is a funny, stuffed toy for toddlers who need the support of this comfy, furniture piece to lean and lie on. They are usually designed as dinosaurs and other friendly creatures. On the other hand, P’kolino Little One’s Table and Chairs are solid wood surfaces for easy clean up after use. The construction is durable and comes in four different colors. So, no matter what type of furniture you are looking for for your child, P’kolino’s creativity will offer great playtime furniture for the common playroom.

No longer worry about finding the right sized furniture for your children!

"P'kolino's products are not only beautiful but they are so smartly designed too! They have so many different uses for children of varying ages; my children just love it and so do I."
- Danielle
London, England

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