DISCONTINUED Hogarth PICTURE LIGHTS - Fine Art Lighting - Click to enlarge
Fine Art Lighting used by some of the most prestigious art galleries in the world!

Please note, a total $70.95 shipping charge will be applied for shipping this unique item to you directly from the UK via 2nd-day Air.

We can custom-bend the arms of the contemporary-style lights, as in the bottom image above, to keep the arms'-protrusion to a minimum.
To order this, just write in the comment-box at check-out: "Custom bend the arms to keep the arm protrusion to a minimum."
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Please choose a Model/Color: 
 model #301 Original Style - Aged Unlaquered Brass: $369.99
 model #303 Original Style - Antique Bronze: $439.99
 model #307 Original Style - Aged and Polished Brass: $409.99
 model #305 Original Style - Satin Chrome Finish 120v: $459.99
 model #311 Original Style - White Finish: $429.99
 model #313 Original Style - Black Finish: $429.99
 model #306 Original Style - Gold Finish: $449.99
 model #308 Original Style - Old Gold Finish: $459.99
 model #309 Original Style - Patinated Brass: $469.99
 model #200-12 Contemporary Style - Antique Bronze: 12-in. for paintings up to 24-in.: $349.99
 model #200-18 Contemporary Style - Antique Bronze: 18-in. for paintings up to 30-in.: $379.99
 model #200-24 Contemporary Style - Antique Bronze: 24-in. for paintings up to 45-in.: $389.99
 model #203-12 Contemporary Style - Gold: 12-in. for paintings up to 24-in.: $349.99
 model #203-18 Contemporary Style - Gold: 18-in. for paintings up to 30-in.: $379.99
 model #203-24 Contemporary Style - Gold: 24-in. for paintings up to 45-in.: $389.99

Please choose a Power Supply option: 
 Thin Wire (with plug for outlet) - please note desired wire color & wire length in comment box at check-out (this is required to process your order)
 Mains - Direct Wiring (open wires to attach to electric box behind painting)
 Invisible Wiring - Special non-visable extension cord - addl:(+$199.99)
 Rechargable Battery- addl:(+$199.99)

Extra LED Bulb: 
 No, thank you
 Yes, Include Extra LED Bulb - addl:(+$35)

Product Description:
DISCONTINUED Hogarth PICTURE LIGHTS - as seen in the Royal Collection, Windsor Castle, England - Safe LED Bulbs! Museum Quality! You adjust the exact measurements of the projected light with a simple turn of 2 knobs to illuminate the exact measurements of the art work. Some include the frame in the light, and some illuminate just the artwork without the frame - it is up to you! One knob adjusts the amount of light projected verticaly and one knob adjucsts the amount of light projected horizontally. It is a fabulous look!

Fine Art Lighting
These picture frame light for paintings will illuminate your fine art with uniformity across the canvas.
Illumination can be adjusted from 10" to 60" for any artwork up to 60 inches x 60 inches. For larger artwork, additional lights should be used
Highest quality painting-lights, as used if the most prestigious and finest museums, galleries and homes in the world!
Hogarths unique patented design allows the painting to be lit to it's exact measurements - as easily adjusted by you!
You can choose a setting to illuminate the artwork and frame together, or to illuminate the artwork and not the frame. The choice is yours!
The adjustment can illuminate any size painting in your collection from 10 inches to 60 inches with specific adjustment to the horizontal and vertical!

For artwork larger that 60 inches, multiple lights can be used.
2 Swivels are used to adjust the illumination to the height of the painting

By rotating the ornate ends of the hood, the illumination is adjusted to fit the painting

L.E.D. - safe lighting, no U.V. or heat onto your canvas.

Choose a style and finish:
Original Picture Lights:

  • model# 301 Aged Unlaquered Brass - Best for gilt frames, will age to a mellow color.
  • model# 303 Antique Bronze - Ideal for Old Masters and dark paneled rooms.
  • model# 305 Satin Chrome Finish - Ideal for Modern Interiors.
  • Model# 306 A light Gold finish - for modern gilt frames
  • model# 307 Aged and Polished Brass - A classic finish which will suit most decors.
  • model# 308 An Old Gold finish - for antique gilded frames.
  • model# 309 Our Patinated finish - the classic 300 year old look of layer upon layer of traditional workmanship, the best finish we produce!
  • model# 311 White Finish - for when White is called for.
  • model# 313 Black Finish - for when Black is called for.
    Contemporary Picture Lights:
  • model# 200 Antique Bronze - available in 3 sizes, 12", 18" & 24".
  • model# 203 Gold - available in 3 sizes, 12", 18" & 24".

    The first choice for:
    Portrait & Landscape lighting and art display lighting.
    The LED option on these lights for paintings emits Zero Heat & Zero UV and is the ultimate and only solution available to lighting Fine Art safely!

    Our LED emits a warm white color, the same output of Halogen bulbs. Bulb life is 10 years and only 7 volts.

    Hogarth lights come with buit-in transformers. All Hogarth Light transformers are both 120 and 240 volt - so any of the Hogarth Led lights will work for both voltages.

    Hogarth has discontinued the Halogen-bulb option. All Hogarths are now available only in LED.
    Please note that the LED emits Zero Heat & Zero UV and is the ultimate and only solution available to lighting Fine Art safely.
    Please note that the LED does not work with a dimmer.
    Compare to Debruyne.

    Hogarth Picture lights now come in 2 styles:
    Original Picture Light Style and Comtemporary ("flat") style.

    Original Style:

    Comtemporary style - Classical elegance and exquisite contemporary design:

    Buy The Same Painting Lights Used by Museums, Finest Galleries, Private Collections and World Class Hotels around the world!
    A list of some of our clients is at the bottom of this page.

    On-Sale Now!

    {Please note, a total $70.95 shipping charge will be applied for 2nd-day Air shipping this unique item to you factory-direct from the UK.
    As this product is imported to you directly from England, an import duty tax of apprx. $38 may be charged to you by customs. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable.}

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    March 23, 2012

    Hogarth Picture Lights provides the best fine art lighting system on the market today.
    Breakthrough LED (light emitting diode) Technology which emits ZERO heat and UV! Until now there has not been a Picture Light on the market that does not emit harmful UV (ultraviolet radiation.) Hogarth have spent 4 years developing an LED that has zero UV emission.

    Precision crafted lighting fixture for serious art collectors desiring the best.

    Lamp Dimensions:
  • Protrusion (from wall:) 11 inches
  • Width of Hood: 2 inches
  • Width of Light: 9 inches (22.9 cms)
    By turning the end pieces of the light the illumination can be adjusted to any size of painting up to 60 inches. For larger works, additional lights can be used, or a custom light can be discussed with us.

  • Using our patented technology - US Patent No 09/764818 -  a precision mechanism is adjusted by you to focus light on the desired surface- and nothing else.
  • No need to worry about measuring your art work. The illumination is adjusted by you both vertically and horizontally.
  • If you sell your art work and buy another, simply adjust the Hogarth Light to the new size.
  • Mount to the frame or wall using our universal mounting bracket.
  • Hogarth Picture Lights were designed for mounting above hanging finished artwork (on the wall above or on the paintings frame.) However, we mount these directly
    onto Artists' Easels and Painting Stations too!

  • 4 Finishes to suit most frames and interiors.

    24K gold available - price upon request.

    Comes ready to hard wire if fitted with a plug for a recess socket behind the painting or can be extended to the nearest plug socket.
    Standard: 120V, 60 watts (no transformer required)
    These can be linked together as many as desired. Customization of voltage can be done at no charge. Just note request in comment box at check-out.

    LED ( light emitting diode ) Our LED bulb emits ZERO UV (ultraviolet light) and ZERO heat and is the ultimate light source for illuminating Fine Art safely.
    LED - our led bulb is 30 watts. Bulb life 10 years. At 7 volts uses very low amounts of energy and comes with a transformer ready to hard wire behind the painting or a Battery Option and Hogarths Invisible Wire System
    Battery Option

    The Battery option comes with 2 battery packs, (one for lighting whilst the other is charging,) and a charging unit. Battery Type: Nickel-Metal-Hydride. 
    Batteries last 6-8 hours and recharge in 1.5 hours


    Invisible Wire System
    It is sometimes not possible to cut wires into walls and can be expensive and a disruption.
    If you want an alternative to a battery option use our Invisible Wire System
    See the installation below.

    Before with no illumination:

    The property was very old and the client did not want to install cables in the walls.
    Spot lights would look out of character on the Oak beams.

    A trailing wire from the plug socket (showing to the right) would not look good. Another solution was needed - our "Invisible Wire System!"

    The Hogarth Invisible Wire System:
    Easy Installation procedure:
    Copper track applied to wall.

    Copper track is just 4 thousands inch thick with a non conductive self adhesive backing.
    Terminated at the painting and the nearest plug socket - on the right.
    Comes with all the kit and a plug in transformer.



    Installation completed:
    Wall re painted with no sign of track
    Installation time to fit track and make
    all terminations took just 1 hour

    Light is our LED Unlacquered Brass




    The invisible wiring system includes invisible wiring to run for 18 yards - and comes with a complete pack ready to fit with plug to plug right into any standard wall electrical outlet.

    Installation and Adjustment

    Light slides into this bracket
    Bracket fitted onto back of frame
    or the wall



    LED the best choice to safely illuminate Fine Art. Comes as standard ready to hard wire with a transformer to attach behind the painting or a battery Optionor our Invisible Wire System

    Please note: the LED is only 180 Lumen. Not a very bright light, however, safer for valuable Fine Art. This conforms to museum standards (MAX 200 lumen) with our LED just under this at 180 lumen (equivalent to apprx. 30 watts.)

    Q: Can you please tell me more about the electrical work involved to install your lights?
    A: Our lights comes as standard ready to hard wire behind the painting. This is normally a recessed electrical outlet (clock boxes) or you may have wires hanging out of the wall and if this is the case it is easy to install our lights. You may be happy to attach a longer cable to the nearest wall outlet.
    If you do not have recessed outlets a residential electrical contractor could  install recessed electrical outlets (clock boxes) behind each painting.
    Hogarth have an invisible wire system and a battery option as alternatives.

    Q: How does your light fix to the painting?
    A: We have a small bracket that is screwed to the frame or the wall, the light slides into this bracket so you can hang your painting and fit the light when it is on the wall.
    Q: You say you are offering �Breakthrough Technology�, what can you tell me about that?
    A: Our technology is truly breakthrough;

  • 1. The first picture light to be able to adjust the illumination both vertically and horizontally by the customer and overcome the concerns of measuring your paintings to have your light customized at the factory.
  • 2. LED light source that is totally safe to use on Fine Art emitting ZERO UV &Heat.
  • 3. A Battery system that works
  • 4. A viable alternative to chasing walls for cables, our Invisible Wire System is a breakthrough.
    Q: What sizes of paintings can you light?
    A: Our lights adjust to illuminate from 10 to 60 inches. If you have larger paintings, it is possible to fit extra lights.
    Our standard light protrudes from the back of the painting by 13 inches and has a hood length of 10 inches.
    95% of  paintings ever painted fall within the capability of the Hogarth Light.

    Q: You have a very unique bulb. How long will it last?
    A: Our LED bulbs last 10 years and run on 7 volts so they are very ecconomical to operate. Halogen bulbs are branded and have a life of 2000 to 3000 hours and are readily available in most electrical shops.
    Q: What do I do if I replace a painting in my collection.
    A: Simply re adjust the Hogarth Light to suit.
    Q: How long is the warranty on the Hogarth Lights?
    A: Hogarth Lights come with a one year manufacturer's warranty on the fixture. Certain electrical problems such as surges, lightening etc. can damage the transformer and bulb. In this event, Hogarth will supply new transformers and bulbs at a reasonable cost.
    A list of some Hogarth customers:

    Windsor Castle, England, for the
    Royal Collection
    Wildensein & Co NY
    The Yellowstone Club. Big Sky, Montana, USA
    Milwaukee Library
    The University of Texas
    Agnews, Bond St. London
    Lefevre Gallery ( Impressionist ) Bruton St, London
    Raphael Vals, Duke St, London.
    Paul Mason Gallery, Sloan St, London.
    John Mitchell Gallery, (Old Masters) Bond St, London
    Wildenstien, Mayfair, London.

    General Hotel Management, Singapore
    Shangri La Hotel, Dubai

    The "Blue Moon" $50 million Super Yacht

    Barber & Surgeons Halls, London
    The Medical Society, London
    The Ritz Hotel - our unlacqurered lights were chosen to complement the high specification interior of this prestigious London Hotel

    Drammbuie Collection, Edinburgh Scotland

    Hogarth Pictures Lights, were created from a passion for art. Indulge your passion.

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