AMACO Mobile Heat Proof Kiln Cart

AMACO Mobile Heat Proof Kiln Cart
Make handling ceramics fresh out of the kiln safe and easy with this sturdy, heat proof cart.
Item Code: AMACO-11788F

Sale-Price: $815.00

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Product Description:
Every artist who works with ceramics knows that the heat of a kiln can be very dangerous, making handling freshly heated projects no easy task. Fortunately, AMACO delivers the answer with this mobile hear proof kiln cart. Unlike regular wood or metal studio carts, this version does not absorb the heat from freshly "cooked" projects, making conditions a lot safer for the user. And with three cooling racks, even larger pieces, big bulk projects or those with multiple components can have the space they need to cool down properly and safely.

For extra stability, this kiln cart is made with a sturdy gauged steel frame. For movement and maneuvering around crowded work spaces, the cart comes complete with four five inch wheels that can swivel around tight corners and walkways.
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