Legendary. Brilliant. Catalyst. These are some of the terms used to describe Michel Perchin, the man who headed Peter Carl Faberge’s workshop from 1885 to 1903. A self taught goldsmith from a peasant background, it was Perchin who created the Imperial Easter Eggs, as well as many other of the great works that became the hallmark of the Faberge brand. His addition to the inner circle of Faberge artisans helped to form the nucleus that would make the firm the Jeweler of Russian Royalty.

We model all that we do in the spirit of Michel Perchin. Innovation, craftsmanship, and artistry are applied to the art of each fine writing instrument we produce.

Rarely in history have craftsmen with the expertise of Faberge and Perchin had an opportunity to exploit a single, central theme for over thirty years.

Traditionally, one egg was given by the Russian Czar to his wife each year. In 1894, Nicholas II added the tradition of also giving one to his mother, the dowager Empress Maria. The eggs often included a “surprise” such as a working clock or music box. They also were given to commemorate historical anniversaries or simply to celebrate the Royal Family.

Mystery surrounds the Blue and Gold Ribbed egg. Although it is believed to have been created before 1899, the egg’s exact date and intended recipient are still a matter of debate. Four inches high, it is crafted in solid gold with a translucent cobalt blue enamel applied over a guilloche ground. It opens to reveal its treasure: a hardstone carving of a rabbit. The collection of Faberge Imperial Eggs, including the Blue and Gold Ribbed, established Faberge and Perchin as two of the greatest artists in jewelry history.


Michel Perchin writing instruments are distinctive in the creativity that surrounds the design and originality of each piece. Enduring works of art, originating with the Faberge’ Imperial eggs, inspire each design. The designs draw on brilliant color schemes and artistic flairs.

Each Imperial egg had its own theme and message-translated into a specially designed writing instrument. Each design tells its own story, and each design continually evolves.

Our creations are truly the pinnacle of design and craft. The result is a legacy continued and magnificent treasures to be handed down from one generation to the next.


Artistic inspiration has few bounds at Michel Perchin. The Company has broaden its design horizons through the interpretation of ancient art,
architecture, cultural icons and original jewelry.

Egyptian art, a Moslem temple and an Irish
chalice are an example of the electric sources of
design. These cultural treasures have grown in
importance and appreciate through the centuries. Unmistakable design creativity separates Michel Perchin writing instruments from all others.


At Michel Perchin we spare no expense on designs, materials or workmanship. After a new design is created, a worldwide search begins for the craftsmen who can best bring that idea to life. No effort is spared to find those who can execute the extremely unusual work required by strict design characteristics.

Sometimes a craftsman with a specific expertise will be used for only one model. Because of the diversity of design, his skill may not be compatible with another model’s requirements. No compromise is made in design to match a craftsman's abilities. Rather, the search continuessometimes for years, until the exact skill is found. This is the most challenging, as well as the most rewarding facet of production.


Michel Perchin searches the earth to find
precious metals and dazzling jewels worthy of
its writing instruments. Brilliant platinum,
sterling silver and 18kt gold are among the
precious metals used in production.
Sparkling diamonds, rubies, emeralds and
sapphires highlight these collectibles. The
finished products truly exemplify Old World


While beauty and elegance are unquestioned
attributes of Michel Perchin writing
instruments, the same careful attention paid to
there creation is also spent on their writing
capability. The nib, prepared in Germany, is
made of gold alloyed with other metals to
achieve the perfect blend of strength and
Iridium, a much harder metal, is welded to its
tip for durability. The result is a writing
instrument that glides across the paper, leaving
clear, smooth images. Michel Perchin
writing instruments are available in fountain
pen, roller ball and ball point styles.


Michel Perchin writing instruments give the word “quality” a new meaning. Their unique designs reach back in time to capture an elegance unknown in today’s world of mass production. No expense is spared in materials and workmanship. The result is a powerful statement of value to be handed down from one generation to the next.

All Michel Perchin writing instruments are produced in limited editions. For example, the Monogram, with two levels of engraving, is limited to less than one thousand pieces. Other designs are even more limited in production, some simply being one of a kind.

This uncompromising quality of Michel Perchin writing instruments is recognized by their presence in the Pen Museum in Paris, France.

Presentation Packaging

Premier packing adds the finishing touch to
Michel Perchin writing instruments. Handsome
cases of unique design and exceptional quality
complement the models and enhance their value.
The same craftsmanship that goes into each
Michel Perchin limited edition writing
instrument is also applied to the designs of
exterior packing. Every facet of production adds
discernment and charm to the presentation of these masterpieces.

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