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October 1, 2004 Press Release Launched Art Supplies Tip Site at

October 2004 – Lakewood, NJ

LifeTips announces the launch of the Art Supplies Tip Site in the LifeTips network to millions of information seekers at LifeTips. becomes the exclusive Art Supplies client in the LifeTips network.

“Without a good understanding of the supplies available, no artist will fully reach his or her potential” Byron White, President of LifeTips. “The Art Supplies Tip Site gives an idea of what supplies are out there and how to acquire them. The artists among our users will find that this site gives them new resources and allows them to explore their creativity.”

Sample Art Supplies Tip

Pottery and sculpture can be as simple or as complex in texture as the artist wishes. Overglaze is what will truly make your pottery stand out. You may have created a conventional pottery shape but with the right overglaze, your unique piece will shine. Overglaze can be dangerous because of the chemicals and components so you should always be careful. It's is just this danger that will make your sculpture or pottery piece completely unique.

Our online Art Supply & Easel store was designed with the artist-user in mind. We are dedicated to keeping it clear, concise and fast loading.

Our stock consists of our own personal favorite brands, colors and sizes, that we ourselves, as well as the students of our affiliate art school and association, continually enjoy. If it doesn't live up to our standards, we don't sell it!

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