The Mahl Bridge w/ Magnetic Height Adjusters

The Mahl Bridge w/ Magnetic Height Adjusters - Click to enlarge
The Mahl Bridge is a brand new product created to provide unique capabilities to artists and calligraphers.
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 4 feet (standard) #MB4D
 3 feet #MB3D(-$5.00)
 6 feet #MB6D(+$59.99)
 7 feet #MB7D(+$99.99)

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 no clamps
 w/clamps with 3 5/8 inch dowel rods(+$49.99)
 w/clamps with 8 5/8 inch dowel rods(+$54.99)

Product Description:
Welcome to the Mahl Bridge!

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Now there is a product invented by Bill Hudson, president of Watermen Art and professional watercolor artist, designed specifically with the artist in mind to provide them with capabilities they never imagined or wished they had at their disposal. The artist will be able to paint with accuracy and added confidence.

  • Does not touch painting surface
  • Adjustable height
  • Arm support
  • Separate top and bottom halves
By not touching the painting surface, the Mahl Bridge will not smear your paint while you work.

The artist is able to adjust the height of the Mahl Bridge with magnetic height adjusters to provide proper arm support for them. It also allows the artist to use varying brush hair lengths while painting.

Top and bottom halves allow the Mahl Bridge to hold any draftsman profile in place. Locking pins stored in the ends of the bridge are useful in holding these profiles or stencils in place.

  • Made from Red Oak and Walnut
  • Standard 48" length
  • Custom length available by order
  • Sliders
  • Used on horizontal surfaces
  • Clamped to canvas (clamps sold separately)
Red Oak and Walnut are two hardwoods which are sturdy. This allows the Mahl Bridge to provide solid arm support for the artist.

The standard 48" length makes the Mahl Bridge span the entire painting. Other lengths can be ordered to fit specific needs.

Sliders allow the Mahl Bridge to adjust to table size, painting size, and avoid objects.

If the artist is painting on something other than a horizontal surface, such as an easel, the Mahl Bridge can be clamped to the canvas.

The Mahl Bridge has been endorsed by Terry Madden, host of the Terry Madden Watercolor Workshop 1500 Series, and recommended by Tom Lynch, CMO and featured artist for Art Academy Live.

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July 24, 2009

I have set it up but haven't started using it but I'm hoping it will prove highly useful.
July 24, 2009

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The size of the DOWEL RODS in the options above, is simply for the depth of the canvas. The standard 3-5/8 inch dowel rods are more tha enough for any standard stretched or Gallery Wrap size canvas. The larger dowel rods are for custom-made canvases that have depths as much as 5" or more.
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