Wide range of intense, permanent pigments.
Little to no wet-to-dry color shift.
Liquitex High Viscosity Acrylic Colors are heavy bodied paints that have an exceptionally smooth, thick buttery consistency and oil-like performance, yet easy to brush out.
When dry, they retain brush stokes and palette knife marks.
Flexible when dry, allowing built-up surfaces to remain free of cracks and chips.
Excellent for impasto (thick) painting techniques.
Sheen, consistency and handling characteristics similar to oil paint can be achieved with the use of Liquitex Fluid and Gel Mediums and Varnishes.
Each color is uniquely formulated to bring out the maximum brilliance and clarity of each individual pigment.
All colors are formulated to dry within a tight satin sheen range. This reduces the problem of colors drying with different surface sheens (i.e. gloss, satin, matte, etc.) depending on pigment type. It enhances the visual clarity of the finished painting and eliminates unwanted glare spots.
Suitable for indoor and outside applications.
Water soluble when wet, dries quickly to a water-resistant surface.
No chemical drying action to prolong painting and varnishing procedure.
Excellent adhesion to most painting surfaces; wood, leather, canvas, silk, plastic, mural applications, metal, paper etc.
Chemically alkaline, Ph neutral when dry and therefore compatible with common mural grounds such as concrete, plaster, cement, concrete block or any masonry surface.
96 color spectrum.

Iridescent/Metallic Colors also Available.

No toxic solvents or cleaners necessary.
Resistant to ultra-violet light.
Allow greater versatility of technique compared to other media.
Available Sizes

2 oz., 4.65 oz., and 7 oz. tubes, 8 oz

Characteristics of High Quality Acrylic Paints

Water soluble colors while wet.
Permanent, water insoluble, flexible colors when dry. Built up surfaces will remain free of cracks and chips. Less flexible in cold weather. Softer in warm weather.
Air-dry by evaporation. Thin paint films: 10 - 20 minutes. Thick paint films: 1 hour - 3 days.
Surface of a dry acrylic painting can be cleaned by gently washing with soap and water.
Keep brushes wet. Clean up brushes, hands and palette with soap and water.
Little odor, no fumes, nonflammable. Uses non-toxic thinners and mediums.
Do not mix with turpentine or oils. Mix only with other acrylic emulsion paints or mediums.

Cleanup of Acrylic Paints

From hands: Wet or dried acrylic paint cleans with soap and water.
From brushes: Clean wet brushes with soap & water. Clean dried acrylic brushes with acetone, denatured alcohol or equivalent product. These cleaning solutions are toxic. Care should be taken during use.
From clothing: While paint is wet, clean with water and/or window cleaner. Dried acrylic paint is permanent on fabric.
From painting surface: While paint is wet, wipe with damp rag, clean with water. When paint is dry, simply paint over surface with desired colors and motif.

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