Le Pen! At last, Iíve Found You!

Le Pen! At last, Iíve Found You!

When I was a child I was gifted a blank book (aka, journal) and a blue Le Pen. I doodled and drew in that journal until the ink ran dry. I politely asked for more and was promptly gifted two, this time a brown one and a burgundy.

I adored the way the pens glided on my paper in dark, consistent, vibrant color. I used them constantly until one ran dry and the other was lost. Later, in my teenage years, I remember spending an inordinate amount of time in the pen section of our local art store doodling on the sample scratch paper, trying to match the nirvana that either was, or I had imagined in my long lost Le Pens. Alas, I couldnít find the brand anywhere. I assumed they had gone the way of the dodo or at the very least, the Troll doll.

With a micro fine (0.3mm) tip and 18 brilliant colors to choose from, Le Pen has long been an American favorite, despite the perceived scarcity, for over twenty-five years. Its lightweight, sleek ink barrel matches the ink color and feels good in hand. It has been a popular ink medium for writers, scrap-bookers, journal artists, designers and pen and ink artists. Each Le Pen features vivid, smudge-proof, acid-free ink and is archival safe. It reliable tip is smooth, wonít scratch at your paper, and never ďfeathersĒ or bleeds.

And now, the search for pen-nirvana is over! You can find these highly praised art pens in stock at madisonartshop.com. Madisonartshop.com is a reliable source for art supplies and art furniture with competitive pricing and prompt delivery. The feather-light, effortless writing achieved with Le Pen will help you add artistic flair to your writing and to all your pen and ink projects.

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