The KoreStool

The KoreStoolThe KoreStool from Design LLC is the leading chair for "active sitting," enabling a more comfortable work experience while increasing secondary focus By promoting movement while sitting, the stool activates deeper learning and much greater attention to detail. Once you use the KoreStool instead of a regular chair, the difference is undeniable. The rocking and spin motions provided by this active chair greatly help in keeping good posture and the back muscles exercised. Static chairs put your body in unnatural positions for extended periods of time as you work, craft or sit by a computer. With the KoreStool’s domed base, your body is actively moving in a natural way as you sit on the stool. Your comfort is not compromised because the motions the stool creates are in sync with your body. These comfortable movements help you relax, stay on task and maintain a healthy back with constant smooth motions. The KoreStool comes in several different models that include both adult and kids chairs.

An innovative chair that allows you to spin and rock as you sit, encouraging active sitting while exercising back muscles.

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