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Jacob Shurkin, CEO

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The passion behind the art

Madison Art Shop is totally focused on giving you the widest possible product selection at the most competitive prices. Art is a passion for us – as much as for you - so we make every effort to meet your needs whenever you visit us. If you're looking for something special, we'll try to find it for you.

Fur over a decade our dedicated team has developed Madison Art Shop into one of the most resourceful online art supply companies in the USA. Much credit for this success is due to the approach of our founders.

Jacob Shurkin is the President and the driving force behind Madison Art Shop. His organizational and management skills have ensured that customers are highly satisfied. He is one of the main reasons for the company's strong reputation and position in the USA arts supplies market.

Sharon Shurkin is the Executive Vice President. She's an accomplished artist in great demand in the Lakewood NJ area and contributes the professional understanding that's essential to the business. As the principal buyer, Sharon has a sharp eye for the range of art supplies stocked by Madison Art Shop. She constantly seeks to offer artists new choices, possibilities and solutions.

Our passion for the art market matches your passion for creating art. We assemble the best collection of tools and supplies so that you're equipped to do the best work you can.

Why not look at some of the unsolicited testimonials we've received about Madison Art Shop as a leading art supplies company in New York, New Jersey and throughout the United States.

Our Warehouses

Established in 2002, Madison Art is a nationally recognized art materials supplier in the art community. Our success with selling to many Fortune 500 companies, Universities and most importantly, individual customers who repeatedly purchase from us, stems from each of our team members' dedication expertise and personal attention.

Madison Art Shop is a proud member in good standing with NAMTA (National Art Materials Trade Association).

Family Business
Madison Art Shop is a family owned and operated business! Jacob & Sharon (the President and Executive Vice President) are married since 1990 and are the proud parents of 7 lovely children. The kids often hang around the warehouse and help too!

Our Mission
To provide expert selections of art supplies, art studio furnishings and other hard-to-find items at the best prices for our customers, with excellence in customer service to boot!

We are committed to offering products we would use ourselves for fair and reasonable prices. Our customer service is outstanding and strives to assist you in every way possible. You can shop comfortably with us, because when you order your art supplies, they will arrive fast and in perfect condition. Our goal is to serve you by providing practical, carefully selected, discounted art supplies that will allow you to create a masterpiece.

Enjoy Shopping at Madison Art Shop!

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    This page has been "About Us." But you know what? It's really not about us. It's about you. It's about what you need and are looking for, and really all we want is to supply you with the right art materials and equipment to create that masterpiece!
    * * *

    In addition to our main business of Art Supplies, Easels and Art Studio Furniture, Madison Art Shop also sells educational DVDs in addition to our art education videos. We cater to the classroom experience! Feel free to browse our extensive collections - growing daily -of Documentaries & Other Educational Programs on Film (DVDs). We work with hundreds of different producers.

    Why Madison Art Shop? Because we’ve tried and tested it all! These art supplies are chosen for artists by artists, so you know you’re getting what you need!

    You can feel comfortable in your purchase because our art supplies are chosen for artists, by artists! One of our executives is a celebrated local artist and art instructor. She carefully hand-selects the art supplies we offer at Madison Art Shop based on her personal reviews and experiences with the products. If you have any questions while shopping, do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable customer service agents who will be happy to assist you.

    Does the quality of art supplies affect performance? ABSOLUTELY!

    The inspired artist can create artistic masterpieces using any tools as long as he or she pours heart onto the work. However, select chosen art supplies certainly help to ease that process and improve the outcome. By using fine art supplies from trusted purveyors, you’ll enjoy brushes that easily spread over the canvas, paint that blends seamlessly, reliable equipment, and easels and furniture necessary to create an artistic oasis. These proper art supplies allow you to breeze through tedious prep work and focus solely on the piece at hand.

    Why pay more than you have to? Save money and time at Madison Art Shop.

    Enjoy Shopping at Madison Art Shop!
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