Human Figure Manikins

Human Figure Manikins

Capturing the human form in motion and portraying movement in drawings and paintings is vital to realistic artwork. This assortment of human figures gives both new and experienced artists realistic models to work from.

From the miniature human model on a key chain for that artist on the go to life-size child and female manikins that are always ready for a sitting, there is something for everyone. For those with limited storage space, the jointed template set may be the answer. While the large template extends to 13.5 inches with a 12 inch arm span, the smaller extends to 6.75 inches with a 5.75 arm span. Both fold conveniently for tucking in a drawer or into your artist case or portfolio.

Hand and feet manikins are also available to help with getting the details necessary for realistic portrayal of the human form. These models are suitable form any artist who wishes to perfect the human form.

Capturing the human form has never been easier with this selection of manikins ranging from miniature human, hand and feet models to life-size artist manikins.

Perfect for learning drawing fundamentals or for art instruction. Jack Richeson produces high quality manikins composed of hardwood with a high quality finish. They are durable and will last for several years with proper care.

Wooden manikins can be used to learn how to draw or sketch, and human manikins are essential to learn how to sketch the body anatomically correct. These are precisely proportioned manikins that can work as an excellent instructional tool for an artist learning how to draw human shapes and body parts. It is a made from high quality hardwood and has a nice finish. These are great manikins to add to any human manikin set, and its quality finish ensures that it will last for a long period of time with proper care. It is an excellent tool for both instructors and students.
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